How To Ship A Sewing Machine: Best 3-Step Guide

Those who want to know how to ship a sewing machine can do so in three steps. Start by learning how to prepare the box for shipping, and understanding the tricks to make the machine safe during transport. And if you’re curious about shipping treadle units, this article will give you a quick tutorial.

Since we’re also on the topic of shipping sewing machines, why not learn where to sell your sewing machine? You will benefit from knowing how to find buyers, and the knowledge you learned in shipping the unit will also be applicable. 

how to ship a sewing machine


How To Ship A Sewing Machine Safely 


Step 1. Prepare the materials for shipping

  • Gather the materials for shipping, such as packing tape, bubble wrap, peanuts, and two boxes
  •  The box for the sewing machine should be at least five inches bigger than the dimensions of the unit, and the other box should be around 4 inches larger than the sewing machine’s box for protection
  • Reinforce the top, bottom, corners, and edges of the boxes with packing tape 

Step 2. Disassemble the sewing machine

  • Lessen the overall bulk of the sewing machine by removing the parts that you can, following the instructions on the manual properly
  • Place the removed parts in resealable plastics and group them accordingly with a label for easier assembly later
  • Check the exposed parts of the sewing machine and fold those that allow it
  • After removing and folding some features, wrap the remaining exposed portions of the sewing machine with bubble wrap for protection

Step 3. Place the sewing machine in the box

  • Place the wrapped sewing machine inside the smaller box
  • Prevent the unit from moving inside the box by filling the space with packing peanuts
  • Layer the surface of the bigger box with packing peanuts around 8 inches thick
  • Place the box with the sewing machine inside the bigger box and add more peanuts to the spaces so the small box won’t shift
  • Add more peanuts over the small box before placing a bubble wrap layer at the top
  • Secure the box with packing tape as much as needed 
  • Label the box with the necessary details 

How Do I Ship A Commercial Sewing Machine?

Option 1: Via truck

Shipping the commercial or industrial sewing machine via truck is applicable for shorter distances, and you can ensure door-to-door service within the US. This is also the most affordable and easiest way to ship the machine. 

Option 2: Via train

If the distance is longer, consider freight shipping the sewing machine via train. It is a more affordable method than shipping via a plane, but you can expect that you’ll also need to pay for another transportation method once it arrives at the warehouse. You’ll usually combine freight shipping via train and a truck. 

Option 3: Via ocean or air

The cheapest way to freight ship the commercial sewing machine overseas is via the ocean. The only downside is it will still need another method of transportation once it arrives, and it’s probably the one that takes the longest among other shipping options. On the contrary, you can freight ship your machine via air if you want it fast but be prepared for the extra costs as well.  

How Do I Ship A Treadle Sewing Machine?

  1. Prepare a box four inches bigger than the treadle sewing machine, and reinforce its corners with tape
  2. Add lightweight wooden strips to the bottom of the box to create a frame-like structure at the base
  3. You can also strengthen the wall of the box and keep the sewing machine from shifting by cushioning it with cardboard bolt holders
  4. For the padding of the treadle sewing machine for shipping, prepare bubble wrap or foam pieces from old pillows or upholstery
  5. Deconstruct the treadle sewing machine and take pictures of the process to aid you in reinstallation later
  6. The treadle stand should fit nicely inside old appliance boxes
  7. Tie the legs together and cushion them with pillows and rags on one box
  8. The second box will be for the foot pedal, wheels wrapped in foam, and crossbar, then fill the spaces with bubble wrap
  9. Have the main sewing cabinet in a box of its own and wrap it with foam before bubble wrap
  10. Combine the smaller parts of the cabinet in another box
  11. You can ship your treadle sewing machine via US Mail or Greyhound 


What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Sewing Machine?

When visiting forums and comparing expenses, the cheapest way to ship a sewing machine is via the US Post Office or Greyhound bus lines. Of course, there are many shipping companies to choose from, and some might offer enticing prices, but you have to ensure that they will be careful in handling the fragile sewing machine. In addition, you want to find a reputable operator, even when selecting a freight company. 


Was this article helpful? To recap how to ship a sewing machine, you’ll prepare the materials for packing and reinforcing two boxes. Next, you want to remove the parts that you can on the unit then cover it securely. 

Make sure to fill the spaces with packing peanuts to keep the machine from shifting. We hope this tutorial helped you in packing and shipping your unit. But if you’re dealing with other things such as not knowing what to do with a broken sewing machine, we wrote an article for it as well. 


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