How To Sew Pinch Pleat Curtains? In 3 Easy Steps!

How to sew pinch pleat curtains? They may take a lot of fabric to make either you sew it or with the use of pleat tape but it will all be worth it once finished.

You might want to be bored of your ordinary and plain curtains at home and you probably want to spice or level up your window treatments.

how to sew pinch pleat curtains

I’ve also gone through that before.

I had a hard time looking for something to level up my plain curtains and I found out about pinch pleats.

Lucky enough, you won’t have the trouble of finding everything you have to know about pinch pleat curtains as we’ve compiled them in one chunk.

Are you ready to know more? Well, what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin on the journey of leveling up your curtain.


Pinch Pleat Curtain

Pinch pleat curtain is a highly decorative type of curtain wherein you will need a lot of fabric as it consumes most of it because of the pleats.

The fabric is stitched together tightly gathered at the top and is sewn in a bunch.

Whether you sew it permanently or use pleating tape will depend on your choice.

Normally, it is sewn permanently for a smart finish but you can just attach it temporarily.

The elegant folds will make the remaining fabric parts flowing from the top down to the bottom.

This curtain could also be attached or hanged to a curtain rod or curtain tracks, whichever you prefer.


Room styles that go with pinch pleats

Lucky enough, pinch pleat curtains work fine in any room style thanks to their large headers because of the sewn bunch of pleats.

These pleats add detail and crispness that would go well in both casual and formal room settings.

It also creates a neat finish especially if the curtains are well-ironed and well-conditioned.

Pinch pleat curtains are perfect to hang in your living room, dining rooms, and your bedrooms.

You just have to make sure that the colors match the decors in the room.


Steps To Sew Pinch Pleat Curtains

How to sew pinch pleat curtains?

All you need is the necessary knowledge about sewing and the materials needed for the project.


Step #1. Prepare

Are you ready to make your pinch pleat curtain? Before we get started, make sure to prepare the following items ahead of time.

You may have to go for a round or two at your local area or order them online whichever is convenient for you.


  • Fabric

Numerous types of fabric are used in making curtains. You just have to find one that is made of good quality.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, or velvet could go well with pinch pleated curtains.


  • Sewing machine or kit

You are going to need a sewing machine or a sewing kit.

Your sewing machine must be set at standard stitch and your kit must include the following:

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sewing pins
  • Cloth iron

If you want to achieve a neat look on your curtain, ironing it before hanging is the best thing to do.


Step #2. Measure

If you already have the materials listed above, you may now proceed to the next step which is measuring the window and calculating the fabric needed.



In measuring the window, you must use a tape measure and find the window’s width and length.

If you decided to use a curtain rod, the width must be the width of the rod itself.

The length is measured from the rod to the bottom of the window frame.



When it comes to calculating the window width and length of a pinch pleat curtain, here are the steps:

  1. Multiply the rod’s length depending on the fullness. In pinch pleats, I recommend the maximum fullness which is 3 times the rod’s width.
  2. Divide the answer in step 1 into how many columns or pleats you are going to make.
  3. Round the result to the nearest whole number. The result will be the width of each column.
  4. Mark the top where you’re going to meet the fabrics and pin them together using sewing pins.
  5. The length will depend on your preference but make sure to measure from the rod to the length you wanted.
  6. Add allowances on all edges. 5 inches on the sides and 3 inches at the bottom.
  7. Cut a separate strip of fabric for the header later. A simple 8-inch fabric strip will do.


Step #3. Sewing

Now that you have your fabric prepared, iron it first to be sewn neatly.

Using a sewing machine,

Sew the top part and hem the edges of the curtain. The hems must be at least 2 inches wide double folded.

For the header, use the 8-inch strip of fabric. Sew it at the top part where the pleats are met.

Attach some eyelets or hooks on the header.

Whichever you prefer but I recommend the use of eyelets especially if the curtain is to be used frequently.

Hang the curtain and make sure that the pleats and the fabric and not wrinkled for a more professional look.



Now that you know how to sew pinch pleat curtains, make use of that knowledge and level up your window treatments at home.

You did not only saved the hassle of choosing which curtain to hang and saved money from purchasing one but you also had fun in making the project.

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