Where Can I Buy Burlap Curtains? 5 Best Shops To Choose From!

Where can I buy burlap curtains? In this generation, you can shop for anything using a phone and internet connection online.

Shopping has never been made easier for everyone. With just a tap on your phone, you may order anything you want and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Where can I buy burlap curtains

From food, services, limited edition items, hardware, and more. Most of us would prefer to sit comfortably and scroll through online shopping sites.

Well, some would love to drive around and look for possible trends and available items in the market but you are fond of shopping online, we’re on the same page.

Although you can buy a ready-made curtain online, where are the fun and hard work?

I mean, I make curtains as a hobby while I can’t go out so I have the materials delivered to my home instead.

Although if you would much prefer to buy finished ones, I have compiled 5 best places to buy curtains.


Burlap Curtains

Specifically speaking, we’ll introduce 5 shops that sell burlap curtains. All of these are online so you’ll only need your phone and an internet connection.

But before you buy this type of curtain, here are a few things you must know.


What is burlap?

Burlap is also known as a hessian or jute. It is made from jute plant fibers. It is one of the most used fabrics when it comes to arts and crafts.


Tips When Buying Burlap

Before buying a burlap curtain, here are a few things you must do.


#1. Decide where you will buy

Decide where you will hang the curtains.

Whether it may be in your living room, guest room, kitchen, or your bedroom.

Securing a place to hang the curtains will give you an idea of how much fabric you are going to need.


#2. What hanging method you will use

Once you decided on the place where to hang the curtain, consider several hanging methods and choose which one you would prefer.

You might want to consider using a rod for pocket rod curtains, some hooks for the curtain, hang using curtain tracks or simple eyelets will do.


#3. Measure the fabric

After choosing the hanging method, you will have to measure and calculate the fabric needed.

You are going to use a measuring tape.

Measure the width of the window and multiply it by the fullness that you want.

Next is to measure the length. To do this, measure from the rod to the bottom of the window or how long you want your curtains to belong.


Where You Can Buy Burlap Curtains

Do you keep asking yourself “where can I buy burlap curtains?”

We’ll provide you 5 options where to buy burlap curtains.


#1. Amazon

When it comes to finding affordable yet good quality products, one of your options is Amazon.

They have a wide array of burlap curtain selections available for you. Their prices range from 18 dollars up to 55 dollars only.

Your favorite brands like Lush Décor, H.VERSAILTEX, jinchan, PrinceDeco are just a few to name are also available.

One of my top picks from this shop is a rustic style window curtain. It has a dimension of 84” x 54” composed of 2 panels.

This one is perfect for your dining, bedroom, or living room. It has different sizes available from 63 inches up to 120 inches in length.


#2. Etsy

Next on our list is the online platform Etsy.

They offer a wide range of choices too.

They also offer affordable, classy, fancy, and high-quality products that you won’t regret purchasing.

Their price ranges from 15 dollars to 82 dollars depending on the brand and design.

If you are into fancy designs for a café curtain with a little bit of a renaissance vibe, I recommend a romantic kitchen valance burlap lace décor.


#3. eBay

The next one on the list is eBay. One of the things I like about eBay is that they make your search easier.

They offer a sorting area where you can find your desired color, size, and brand of the curtain.

If you are trying to find a specific burlap curtain, try eBay although they might be a little pricey compared to the others it saves you convenience.

This linen curtain burlap semi sheer drapes might pique your interest.

It is available in various colors that would fit your interior design.


#4. Bed Bath & Beyond

Another shop that offers burlap curtains is Bed Bath & Beyond.

They offer big discounts to their loyal members so if you want to save up some bucks, you know what to do.

They also offer same-day delivery and a pick-up.

So, look up for this store near your area of choose delivery whichever is convenient for you.

I like the levtex baby burlap curtain panel. It is affordable and simple- perfect for those who are minimalistic.


#5. Wayfair

The last one from our list is Wayfair.

Being last doesn’t mean it lacks in anything. The ratings of their burlap products are no less than 4 stars.

So if you want to secure quality above the other aspects, I recommend you buy from this store.

They offer various burlap curtain styles at a reasonable price. It comes in various choices with a wide array of styles available.

I especially like the coastal burlap damask curtain. The designs are quite elegant and fancy.



No more “Where can I buy burlap curtains?” thoughts for you. You can now find one in whichever these stores you choose.

All of the stores mentioned are online that offer delivery to your doorstep. Less hassle for you and more time for you to choose.