How To Make A Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable

If you wonder how to make a jack knife sofa comfortable, you only need pool noodles and a pad. The pool needles will fill the gaps, while the pad will enhance the cushioning of the sofa. We will also talk about making your pad if you don’t want to buy the popular egg crate foam.

However, note that jack knives are not the only sofa beds used in RVs. If you have other RV sofa bed-related questions, check this article on making an RV sofa bed more comfortable

How To Make A Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable


How To Make A Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable For The RV


Fill the gaps with pool noodles

The mechanism of the jack knife sofa that allows it to turn into a bed leads to a gap between the back and the seat. This space can be noticeable when you lie down, and it’s the primary reason why some people find jack knife sofa beds uncomfortable. The good news is that there’s a DIY solution for this issue, and you only need some pool noodles or even the foam insulation typically used for pipes.

Once you’ve filled the crack, you can place a mattress topper around two inches thick to finish the jack knife sofa. Ensure that it will also be convenient enough to fold and store when you’re not using the jack knife sofa as a bed. Sometimes, a duvet using down or even a quilt is enough to make the surface comfortable, depending on your personal preference.  


Place a pad on the sofa

You can place an appropriate size mattress topper on the sofa to improve its overall feel. However, did you know that you can also make the soda padding yourself? A more customized pad will ensure that it won’t slip, and it will have the correct dimensions for the sofa. 

You only need to sew two cotton fabric pieces that are twice the size of the jack knife sofa. Leave one side open and stuff it with wool until you reach the desired fluffiness. Finally, close the open edge and spread the finished pad over the sofa. 

If you don’t want to exert effort, the best foam pad for jack knife sofas is the egg crate foam. The shape allows softness and airflow to enhance the comfort of the sofa. Just remember to get the ideal size that will cover the sofa. 


What Are Jack Knives?

The traditional couch used in RVs is a type of sofa bed that you can lie on for sleeping and fold for sitting. But because it takes up a lot of space, RVs nowadays use jack knives more commonly. A jack knife is also a type of sofa bed, but it has a better structure from being an upright sofa and also a flat sleeping surface.

Both the bench and bed modes are reasonably compact, making the jack knife sofa bed useful for the RV. However, people often comment about the gap you can feel when you lie down on this RV couch. The great news is that it’s easy to make the jack knife sofa comfortable by filling the gap and then placing more padding on the surface as discussed earlier.


What Size Is A Jack knife Sofa?

RV sofa beds come in different sizes to accommodate various trailers. The most common ones include the twin, queen, full, and even king. The dimensions can be as small as 38 by 75 inches to something as big as 72 by 80 inches. 

Do note that the jack knife sofa is only one type of RV sofa bed. There are also the traditional hide-a-bed, tri-fold, and even inflatable RV sofa beds. Always check the dimensions of what you have to be sure of the size. 


Can you put a regular sofa in the RV?

It’s possible to use a regular sofa in an RV, but you need to customize it according to the RV’s dimensions. Furthermore, you’ll need several installation procedures for the sofa to ensure that it won’t slip during travel. You will have better peace of mind and an easier time installing an RV-specific sofa. 


Are Jack knife Sofas Comfortable?

Jack knife sofas are comfortable as long as you ensure that it is well supported and you’ll enhance the sleeping surface with quality pads, covers, and pillows. You should also practice proper sofa maintenance to keep it clean and prevent premature sagging. Know when you must replace it to ensure that you’ll always use it in top conditions. 


How Do You Cover A Jack Knife Sofa?

You should quickly find the compatible sofa cover for your jack knife sofa in most furniture stores. It’s also possible to make the slipcover yourself using the RV sofa’s dimensions. Overall, never overlook having a cover for the jack knife sofa to help it last longer. 



The jack knife sofa is popular for RVs because of its versatility and compact size. However, you must know how to make a jack knife sofa comfortable to get the most out of it. First, address the gap using pool noodles and then add more cushioning to your sleeping surface. 

And that’s it! Your jack knife sofa should feel much more pleasant without the noticeable space and thin padding.