How To Seal Wedding Invitations: 4 Best Options

There are four ways to know how to seal wedding invitations. First, we will talk about the traditional ways, such as the use of wax and also some other methods if you want a more decorative approach. 

We also recommend reading about whose name goes first on wedding invitations to avoid errors in the content before you seal them. After all, the last thing you want is finding you unintentionally disobeyed standard wedding invitation etiquette after sealing the envelopes. 

how to seal wedding invitations


How To Seal Wedding Invites



The easiest way to seal wedding invitations is with stickers. You have the option to buy pre-made ones from craft stores, or you can even make them your own. 

If you make the stickers yourself, you can customize them accordingly to match the theme of the wedding invites. But if you don’t have the time or your budget, even store-bought stickers come in different designs to choose from. 

After all, your receivers will probably cut this part of the wedding invitation envelope anyway. Just make sure that the stickers are the right size to close the wedding invites successfully, and they won’t spill in the mail. 



A more elegant approach to sealing wedding invitations is using wax. Nowadays, there are kits available of various colors and even stamps.

If you’re willing to spend extra, you can even customize the stamp. For example, perhaps you and your significant other can design a symbol unique to your wedding. 

Another idea is to create a stamp using your monogram. But if you don’t think it’s necessary to buy a custom stamp, then select the closest one to match your wedding theme. 



If you’re feeling extra crafty and want something more unique to seal the wedding invitations, consider tying them with ribbons. But, again, they are relatively cheap, and you have the freedom to combine different types and colors according to your theme. 

A classy option is a satin ribbon or anything shiny for the wedding invites. Then, layer the ribbons for added security and aesthetics. 

Is your wedding theme rustic? You can even switch the ribbons with twines as long as you tie them neatly to keep the invitation from unraveling.  



If you want to save on wedding invitations, it’s essential to be mindful of their weight for mailing. But if you only have a few guests, why not indulge in decorating your invites via their seals?

Some examples of elements and decors for sealing wedding invitations are pressed flowers or dried leaves. They can be examples in the bunch included in the flowers and greenery you’ll have at the wedding reception. 

For some ultra-special guests, you can even use pins and brooches. Feel free to scour flea markets for vintage pieces that can enhance a simple wedding invitation into something more extravagant that your guests will surely love.


Do You Lick Wedding Envelopes?

It’s best not to lick wedding envelopes, contrary to the belief that it’s a way to seal them. This practice started with the idea that the gums on the envelope are activated once moisture is introduced. 

However, you can still make the envelope adhere effectively by wetting the gum seal without licking but with a moist sponge. You are preventing glue ingestion, and it will also be more hygienic. 

Mails are not among the significant sources of virus transmissions and other bugs that might be present in the saliva. However, it’s still better to spare your wedding guests any potential exposure. 


What To Use Instead Of Licking Envelopes?


Sponges and cotton swabs

Instead of using your saliva to moisten the gum on the envelope, why not use another tool and water. For example, you can mist a household sponge then dampen the envelope gum for sealing. 

Another option that offers more control is a cotton swab dipped in water. Unlike using a sponge that might soak too much water, you don’t risk overwetting the envelope with a cotton swab. 


Glue sticks

Glue sticks are cheap yet effective for sealing wedding envelopes. They are not messy and might even secure the envelope better rather than relying on the gum. 

You can even check craft stores for glue sticks formulated explicitly for sealing envelopes. Just make sure not to use too much, or the envelope can wrinkle. 


Do You Seal Inner Wedding Envelope?

You don’t seal the inner envelope when preparing the wedding invitations. Instead, you leave the inner envelope open when you place it in the outer envelope, which will be sealed. 

Furthermore, you’ll notice the inner envelopes don’t have gum for sealing like the outer envelope. They are also just meant as extra protection, but there’s no need to glue or shut them close. 

It’s essential to seal your wedding invitations securely to avoid potentially sending empty ones that can lead to more expenses. For more tips, read how to save money on wedding invitations


Can You Tape An Envelope And Mail It?

You can tape a postal envelope as long as it’s the type acceptable for closing envelopes. Some tapes like household ones are only accepted for reinforcing the closure. 



And that’s it! To recap the best ways on how to seal wedding invitations, you can use stickers, wax, ribbons, and even decors like flowers and brooches. 

Remember that you only need to secure your invitations for mailing at the end of the day, and you don’t need to overspend sealing them. Feel free to share your chosen method below in the comments!


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