How To Reset Maytag Washer To Factory Settings? An Easy 3-Step Guide!

How to reset Maytag washer to factory settings? Various companies are present worldwide, and because of the expanding exploration of technology, multiple appliances have been developed. Today one of the most common things that you can have at home whenever you need to attain your laundry needs is a washing machine; with that, you can clean.

Though there are not just ten of these companies or hundreds, they even number up to millions out there that can offer you different models and brands of the washing machine. One of those companies is Maytag. They offer high-quality branded washing machines at a low and affordable price that is fit for all.

how to reset maytag washer to factory settings

With that, everybody can now have a washing machine displayed at their home. But, what if you’ve come through some problem with your Maytag washer? Do not worry anymore; we got you covered. 

Once you finish reading the article, we can assure you that you will learn lots of things about that specific brand and what they have to offer. In that case, it will give you more knowledge about its pro and cons too! So without further ado, let us now dive into it and learn some essential words to use later on.


Resetting Maytag Washer To Factory Settings

How to reset Maytag washer to factory settings? When resetting a Maytag washer, there are various ways on how to do it. Today, we will be learning the most common way on how to do it amongst the models since others tend to have a different way of resetting than other brands or models:


Step #1. Pressing the power buttons

Firstly when restarting a Maytag washing machine, you must press the power button. Why? Restarting the device may be one of the solutions to do it. Like any other appliance nowadays, whenever there are problems, continuing it using power is the first thing that comes into mind, am I right?

So firstly, find the power button of your appliance; you may place it in a different location since your model may differ from the other ones. Don’t you worry; an indication that will say or a sign can check the button. Maytag will put it in an easy to locate area since finding the power button is a hassle.

Once you have located the button, turn it off and let the machine rest for five to ten minutes. In that way, it will not overheat and cause a shortage of the mechanisms inside it. Once the timer hits the ten-minute mark, it is now time to turn it back on. From there, wait for your device to boot up until all are ready to go entirely.


Step #2. Pushing the appropriate button to change cycles

Since Maytag washing machines are known to have lots of buttons available, whether to change cycle or change modes, up to anything you like, the company can make it happen. Since there are lots of controls available, let us help you choose the correct one to press. 

Pressing other buttons might let you restart the process from square one, so, to avoid that, you must be wary and careful of the controls you are trying to press; there are labels in it wherein you can use as a basis to press the correct button. Though that doesn’t apply to all machines, some have different ways.

Some require you to do some clicking to reach the cycles, while for others, you may be able to finish it right away with just a simple press of a button. With just simple navigation, try to locate it in your user’s manual if possible.

If not, you can go to the official Maytag website to see further details.

In that way, you will not be wasting your time maneuvering all over the buttons. Instead, you can save time and complete the process much easier without any hassle to problem with. From there on, pick the cycle that you want and press that specific button. Now once it has been clicked, it should be ready for you. You might also want to read “Why do you think a washer machine makes loud noise when spinning.”


Step #3. Pressing the power button once more to reset the Maytag washing machine               

Now that you have your machine readied and all setup, it is time for one more and final restart to ensure that it works properly after the process. To do that, you must first wait for the cycle to finish; in that way, you can then turn it off using the power button.

Wait for at least five to ten minutes once more to rest.

Once the resting period is over, please turn on the device. It will be rebooting and take some time to restart. It will be quick, don’t you worry about that. If the device has all buttons light up, then that is now good to go. And that is for the topic of how to reset Maytag washer.


It’s A Wrap!

How to reset Maytag washer to factory settings? Now that you have learned how to reset a Maytag washer to factory settings, it will now be easier for you to accomplish with lesser hassle. With that, you might also want to learn how to disassemble Maytag washer if you’re going to.          

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