Washer Machine Makes Loud Noise When Spinning? 7 Ultimate Possible Reason!

Why do you think a washer machine makes loud noise when spinning? It’s because of possible causes like worn-out bearings, banging sounds, loose concrete slabs, and faulty drive motors. If you can handle them by yourself, make a DIY approach.

However, do not fix it alone as it only damages the washer machine if you cannot return it. Do not waste time screwing and unscrewing the machine parts but hire a professional instead for the appliance repair.

washer machine makes loud noise when spinning

Save yourself the stress and hassle that comes with fixing a washer machine that makes a loud noise when spinning.


Washer Machine Makes A Loud Noise When Spinning

Here are the possible causes that washer machine makes loud noise when spinning:


#1. Rumbling or grinding sound caused by worn out bearings

A washer machine that creates a rolling or grinding sound has a bearing problem. This part is a small & circular component containing huge and small metal balls such as those placed on the track. They begin to move as the spin cycle starts. The bearings unexpectedly break while the metal balls inside dance around and create a grinding sound. It may be helpful to read LG washer making loud noise when sipping

Not lubricating the bearing is one issue that causes the squeaking noise from the washer. Apply some form of mechanical grease to its component. Open the washer door if yours is a front-loading model and turn the drum with your hands.

Better to search for one like a rubbing sound and a drum that spins unevenly. If you find out any of the two, it means you must replace a faulty bearing. The worn-out bearing requires washer machine repair or investment in a new appliance in this case.


#2. Aeroplane take-off sound caused by the loose concrete blocks

Your washer may become heavy, the same as a car, because of the concrete blocks inside. These blocks’ role is to weigh down the drum, or fly through the appliance lid for each spin cycle. Today, washers have two drum weights found inside them. The first block is in the upper part of the drum, while the second block is somewhere or underneath.

Both weigh around twenty-five kilograms that balance a powerful and heavy motor. The washer machine that begins to make loud airplane noise is because the concrete blocks are loose.

The thing is that the appliance will not take off. Evaluate the condition of the weights as you unplug the washer machine and remove its top off. Look closely at the outer drum and search for the first block. Fasten it and check the front part; if it is loose, tighten it.


#3. Vibrating sounds caused by a faulty drive motor

The washer drive motor has a unique function that depends on whether it is a front-load or top-load washer. The engine works through the transmission, pump, & spin basket in a top-load washer. This part also operates a belt to control the wash basket pulley if it uses a front-load washer. 

Moreover, you hear a buzzing noise because the motor begins to fail, which comes with a poor burning smell since this part experiences a thermal overload.

The engine shuts down as the condition eliminates the power from its windings. Replace the washer machine as it stops rotating. But if it still works with the same problems, look closely at the mechanical components and the start capacitor. It may also be a good idea to know how to fix spin cycle on washer


#4. Banging sounds caused by a detached shock absorber

The shock absorber is one feat that holds the metal chamber in the washer machine. The chamber secures the appliance tub for the part to move freely in the spin cycle. The absorber detaches when you hear such a banging sound. The feature looks like a wrench with springs attached to it. So, check the shock absorber and remove the washer front panel.


#5. Noise caused by worn-out belts as the tub spins

If the washer machine has worn out belts, it can create noise as the tub spins. Replace it immediately and efficiently. There’s no need to hire a technician.


#6. Loud noise from a pump drained because of water

A drain pump drains the water from the washer machine. If you clog or damage it, you will hear a loud noise as the tub rotates. Fix this problem as you remove the drain pump and eliminate the dirt and debris that clog it.  I suggest you read about ways to clear a clogged waste pipe


#7. Loud noise because of damaged shock absorber 

The central part of the tub is the shock absorber as it spins and is attached to an outer tub. You will hear a loud noise if there is damage to the shock absorber. Get help from a repair company if you cannot identify the leading cause of the issue. It may be helpful to know how to carry out shock absorber repair


#8. Loud noise because of a faulty drive pulley

A washer machine that makes a loud noise when it spins is also due to a faulty drive pulley. The pulley comes from using plastic or metal that can be loosened up or damaged. Check the condition first before you buy one. Dismantle the washer machine and check its condition.


Hire A Professional!

Handling washer machine repair is a tricky thing. Hire a professional instead to offer a solution to a complicated problem. No matter what brand or model, they can do the replacement and labor, too. It will save you money and the time that goes with purchasing a new washer!


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn why a washer machine makes loud noise when spinning. If you hear a sudden loud noise, fix it right away. Or if it’s something not easy to resolve, hire only the professional repairmen. For sure, you can go on with using the washer quickly and conveniently!

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