How To Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner? 3 Easy Steps!

This post is a step-by-step tutorial on how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner. Doing this is very simple. It is among the easiest way in fixing the issues which possibly causes your unit to malfunction.

Among the problems that can be fixed when you reset your Frigidaire is if your unit does not kick on fully after there has been a power outage. Not only that but it can also quickly resolve the issue if the Frigidaire air conditioner does not blow cool air when you put on its cool mode setting.

how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner

Furthermore, a reset will also help resolve some of its error codes. That is because the reset will clear software glitches. Those are usually the ones that generate the error codes on some if not all models.

Meaning to say, it would be ideal to try resetting the Frigidaire every time there is a problem which you cannot clearly determine its cause. Most often than not, it can quickly resolve the issue.


Steps To Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner

Now let us get into the steps in resetting your unit. The steps below are usually the same steps followed in any Frigidaire air conditioner model. So, how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner?


Step #1. Locating its reset button

Obviously, the easiest way to reset the AC is through its reset button. So the very first thing that you need to do is to locate your unit’s reset button. Most if not all modern Frigidaire models are designed with a rest button.

If you have difficulties locating this button, the manual that comes with your unit may come in handy. You should refer to it to find out the exact location of the button.

Keep in mind that Frigidaire air conditioners are integrated with a fuse. This is usually attached to the power cord. The special fuse will help you in resetting your appliance. Actually, most Frigidaire has their reset button located on their plus. So you can start checking there.


Step #2. Unplugging the device

The next thing that you need to do is to unplug the unit from its electrical outlet for at least 15 seconds. After that short period, you can plug it again into the outlet.


Step #3. Holding its reset button for at least 3 seconds

This is exactly the proper way of resetting a Frigidaire. You need to hold down its reset button and then release it after three seconds. If your unit has no other issues, it will kick on the way it should be.

If for some reason, the unit stick does not kick, do not worry, you can just repeat this step. But try holding it for 5 seconds or even longer this time.


Alternative Method

If all the steps provided above fail, you may try this method. This is called the circuit breaker solution. You just need to find the panel of the unit in the circuit breaker board. Then, flip it off.

Do not turn it on immediately, instead wait for a few minutes before doing so.

This can possibly fix any fault that may have led to the failure of your unit is working properly or even caused to entirely stop working. After you performed this method, set the temperature and wait to see if the unit is already working properly in cooling your room.



In this section, you will get answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Frigidaire air conditioners.


Question #1. How to reset Frigidaire window AC?

This is pretty much the same as the steps discussed above. Just unplug the unit and hold down its reset button. The unit will successfully kick on for as long as the unit has no advanced issues.


Question #2. Why is the Frigidaire not cooling the room?

This is commonly due to clogged air filters. Meaning to say, the air does not pass through the system properly. Furthermore, this will also result in the freeze-up of the evaporator coils.

In such a case, you just need to remove any debris that has gathered onto the air filter. This can be done by cleaning the air filter or replacing it.


Question #3. How to reset the air filter of a Frigidaire air conditioner?

In some cases, you also need to reset the air filter of your unit. This is especially necessary if the indicator light for filter reset comes on. Resetting the air filter will save you from buying a new one early since the running time that has accumulated will be set again.


Question #4. How to make your AC unit colder?

A lot of ways can be done to make your unit blow colder air. This includes cleaning its filter, condenser, evaporator coil, and coil fins. If those components are dirty it will affect the efficiency of the unit.

You should also straighten its coil fins to make it colder or you can mist your unit with water.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this post on how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner has been helpful for you. If you are afraid to mess up, you can also try searching for video tutorials on YouTube.

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