How To Clean Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to clean Frigidaire air conditioner filter? It only takes about five simple steps, and you’re good to go. Your AC will function and look brand new!

Different models and brands have unique filter placement and features. But you can clean them in the same way despite the differences.

how to clean Frigidaire air conditioner filter

However, the main difference is how you’re going to remove them from the unit. But don’t worry because this article will guide you throughout the whole process.

So, read on!


3 Common Types Of AC Units In Frigidaire

So, once you look up the website of this brand, you’ll see three types of air conditioners in their products. In this section, we’ll show you how to remove the filter from any air conditioner. But make sure to turn off your unit before removing the filter.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


Type #1. Window-mounted air conditioner

This type is most well-known as just window air conditioners. And they have also been the simplest and most widely used throughout the years.

It’s simple since it only consists of one unit where all components are placed altogether. The unit is fundamentally square or semi-rectangular in shape.

On the interior side, you can see the front panel. And you can naturally snap out this cover. Once you’ve removed the outer cover, you can remove the filter through its handle.

It’s easy, do you agree?


Type #2. Portable air conditioner

This type is usually very convenient to invest in, and you can relocate them from one room to another, unlike other AC units that should be placed at a permanent spot in the house.

Some portable air conditioners, such as Frigidaire’s, have their filters located at the back of the unit. So, locate the indentation at the back of the unit, where you can have access to remove the cover effortlessly. And like the other units, you can detach the filter by its handle.

Note that most portable AC units have more than one filter. However, they are most likely to be smaller than the primary filter and located at the unit’s bottom edge.

Make sure to check your manual and examine your AC


Type #3. Built-in air conditioner

Built-in AC units are those designed to become a part of your home. And they should not be visible enough that could catch your attention.

However, you can find this in more extensive buildings or houses and establishments to cool a more prominent space area. So, if you want to remove your ceiling AC’s filter, you might want to grab a seat.

Slide off the clicks or latches on both sides of the unit to lower the grill cover down. And the filter is just so easy to pull out.


Steps To Clean Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter

It’s essential to frequently clean or replaces your AC filter, even though they are different. And note that other filters are disposable, so you should check yours. And you can throw the first one and replace it with something brand new.

This weekly or monthly procedure would make your AC function better and improve air quality. So, the following are the steps on how to clean Frigidaire air conditioner filter.


Step #1. Vacuum

Since you have learned how to remove them earlier, we’re now going to clean them.

Your filter screens are fragile, so don’t adjust your vacuum to high-power mode. We also suggest that you use upholstery or a small brush attachment for the nozzle. And you can start letting the brush pass through each corner and side. But, again, ensure that there’ll be little to no dust particles left.


Step #2. Soak it in soapy water

Add a few drops of your preferred cleanser or detergent in a container with water. Mix them well to distribute the chemicals evenly.

Submerge the filter and let the water penetrate the screen for a couple of minutes. Then, it could dissolve the dust balls and forcibly remove the dirt. You can also use a scrub with soft bristles to take out unremovable dirt. Do it gently!

You can shake it gently and flip the filter from time to time.


Step #3. Rinse

Discharge the soapy water and replace it with a clean one. Let all the soap and chemicals dissolve into the water as well as remove excess filth. Shake it again and make sure all sides are submerged in the water.


Step #4. Wipe

Wipe all edges and corners of the filter carefully with a soft cloth or sponge. Perform this step until you have to go through the entire air filter.


Step #5. Dry

You can place it under the sun and in a place that the wind could not blow it off. Or it won’t be covered in dirt again after you left it. If it has a curved feature, you can find a rope or string where you could hang it.

However, if you want to use your AC immediately, you can blow-dry the filter or directly place it back after wiping it dry.



And that is how to clean Frigidaire air conditioner filter.

We suggest that you find time once or twice a month to clean or replace your filter. That would benefit you greatly. Well, not just you but also your home and your family.

Keep safe!

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