How Long To Let Air Conditioner Settle? 3 Best Answers To FAQs!

You should not crank up your unit immediately, instead, you have to know how long to let air conditioner settle. Failure to do so may lead to problems. That is because air conditioners, in general, need some time to settle first before use.

Usually, it will take about 30 minutes or even extend for 1 day. But some air conditioner models can also be used right away after installation – no need for it to settle. Check the manual to see if the manufacturer recommends a time for settling.

how long to let air conditioner settle

Handling your unit properly is essential so that you will be able to use it for a long time. Read until the end as we will be providing necessary information regarding this.


Why Do You Need To Settle Air Conditioner Before Use?

One component that you can find inside an air conditioner is the compressor. This is the one that compresses the refrigerant. Without this particular component, your unit will not be able to provide cool air for the room.

For the compressor to function properly, it needs some conditioning. If you fail to put enough lubrication, its tiny parts may stop working. Even if it continues working, it will be susceptible to damages.

A compressor that continuously works without proper lubrication will easily break down and you would want to avoid that problem if possible. That is why it is recommended that you settle your air conditioning unit first before use.

The compressor should be kept lubricated all the time. However, lubricating will be useless if you do not allow your unit to settle. While you transport the unit, the oil that is supposed to keep it lubricated may leak.

This usually happens if the unit is not properly positioned while on transport. If the unit is positioned on the side, the lubricant may end up slipping out of its compressor case.

The oil will not stay on the case, instead, it will settle down at the bottom and it will be useless on that spot. You need to give time for the oil to return to the compressor case. Simply position it correctly and let it sit for a while.


What Will Happen If An Air Conditioner Was Not Settled First?

A good rule of thumb is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer about the usage of the product. However, mistakes might still happen. This is often the case when you forgot to check the manual before you turn on your unit.

What can happen in such a case? Nothing serious will happen right away. It is even possible that your air conditioner will just start running like normal. But a problem might occur if you let the unit keep running when you do not allow it to settle first.

More damage will occur to your compressor if you keep the unit going longer. With that being said, you should turn off the unit immediately if you know that it has not been settled sufficiently.

Remember that it is hard to replace a compressor if it has been damaged. So you might end up replacing the entire air conditioning unit.

How Long To Let Your Air Conditioner Settle?

So, how long to let air conditioner settle? This may vary depending on some factors. You can either settle the air conditioner unit that has not been used for a long time before use or you can just use it without settling. But then again, you should consider some factors.

The first thing you must consider is the air conditioner’s period of inactivity or how long was it stored. Since the air conditioner has been in storage for a long time then naturally the lubricant may no longer be where it should be.

Second, before using it again especially if you traveled with it, letting the air conditioner unit settle for a day is a wise decision. Also, the positioning of the air conditioner is another factor, you need to keep it upright throughout the trip.


It’s A Wrap!

You have been asking: how long to let air conditioner settle? The answer to this varies depending on the air conditioning system you have at home.

Some air conditioning units can be installed and can immediately use because they are particularly designed in such a way. But for some units, you may need to leave it for a while and let it settle before turning it on to cool the room. Some units might be used right after it settle for 30 minutes. This is a low end of the wait time spectrum for the air conditioning unit.

To find more answers, always refer to the unit’s manual for detailed instruction. You will find here the things you need to know as well as the things to expect while shopping. Remember that the recommended waiting times may vary depending on the air conditioning unit model.

While other manufacturers asked the owner to wait for the wait time spectrum that takes 1 hour, 6 hours, or even 1 whole day before experiencing the comforting cooling of an air conditioner.

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