How to Replace Swivel Ring on Stressless Chair

No matter how much you love your chair, the swivel ring eventually stretches out and needs to be replaced.

Luckily, replacing this part is an easy task that can be completed in just a few minutes without any special tools or skills. Follow these steps below to learn how to replace swivel ring on stressless chair.

how to replace swivel ring on stressless chair


Steps on Replacing Swivel Ring on Stressless Chair

Step 1. Begin by removing the two screws holding the armrest in place, and set them aside.

Step 2. Pull firmly but gently on the plastic ring that has been loosened up from how you have removed it before to remove it entirely. This will reveal a yellowish metal bearing which needs to be replaced as well – pull this out very carefully with your fingers or pliers if necessary.

Place both rings off to one side of where they came from so you can easily find them when assembling back together later.

Step 3. Take note of how many notches are cut into either side of each new swivel ring (you should always replace these at once). Cut those same notches into whichever newest swivel ring is going onto which part of the chair – how you orient them doesn’t matter.

Step 4. Then, take one and place it on top with both ring ends facing down over each other so that they are not overlapped but instead meeting in the middle (as if shaking hands). Line up this new swivel ring with where it belongs according to how many notches there are cut out of either side; then push down firmly but gently until it clicks into place.

Repeat for any other replacements needed as well. Finally, put all plastic rings back onto their respective places on the chair’s underside before reassembling everything else together again.


What are the Knobs on Stressless Chairs for?

The knobs are for adjusting how much the chair reclines. There is a knob on either side of the arm, and each one adjusts how far back you want your seat to lean.


Can You Use Swivel Rings from Stressless Chairs with Other Brands?

The answer is no; these rings only work if they came with the original chair because it was designed specifically for those particular models. They can’t be reused or transferred onto other chairs at all without causing damage to both sets of furniture (not just yours).

Even replacing them by themselves causes problems like not having enough clearance underneath so that they don’t get jammed into whatever surface you’re sitting on.


How do you Maintain a Stressless Chair?

#1. To keep your chair in good shape, it’s important to get a professional upholstery cleaning at least once per year.

#2. You should also inspect the bottom of your feet for any loose dirt that could cause scratches and other damage. If you find anything like this on one foot or both, use a damp cloth with no soap to remove as much as possible before using a vacuum cleaner attachment to suck out what remains.

#3. It may be necessary to clean all four paws so if there are too many items stuck in them then take off any dirty parts from the legs first and do those separately before doing the back two claws. If they’re already dry enough just go ahead and flip over onto its front seats (or whichever side is more comfortable) and use a brush to get out what’s left.

#4. Hold the paw up at an angle so you can see how deep into it you need to clean, then wet your brush with warm water before dipping in some soap if desired (make sure not to overfill!).

#5. You’ll likely find that there are hairs stuck inside these claws which will make it difficult for anything else to come out but as long as this is all being done regularly they shouldn’t be too problematic!

#6. If any dirt remains after manually cleaning them try using a small amount of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water instead. Fill the reservoir found on most vacuum cleaners by unscrewing from its bottom like how one would do assembling something normally.

The brush will need to be manoeuvred around the inside of these claws in a circling motion and then dipped back into the water after every few strokes.

#7. The most important thing is that any dirt or hair caught between these claws are removed as it can cause them to bind together while swivelling, which means your chair may start screeching when you try and turn on it!

With this done cleanliness should no longer be an issue for how long the ring lasts before needing replacement again, but if there’s anything else we didn’t cover feel free to tweet us at @TheSeatCompany.


How Much Does One Cost?

The average cost of replacing a swivel ring is about $25.00 to $35.00, and you’ll need two people for assembly purposes; one person to hold the chair steady while the other screws in the replacement part using an Allen wrench that came with your new swivelling mechanism kit.

The only thing left after this is to test how well it works by giving the chair a spin, and then replacing any parts if they seem too loose or tight.


What causes wear & Tear Swivel Ring Stressless Chair?

The swivel ring is made of a steel ball bearing surrounded by two metal rings. The wear and tear on this component come from people sitting in the chair, how often they use it, how heavily each person weighs and how many hours are spent sitting in the chair each day.


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