Removing Swivel Chair Wheels – DIY Project

Removing swivel chair wheels can be done with minimal tools and effort. The most important tool for this project is a drill. You will also need some screws, nuts, bolts and washers to put everything back together again.

The process starts by unscrewing the wheel assembly from the base of the chair. This takes about 10 minutes per side, but it is time well spent because you are going to have to remove both sides for this project to work properly.

Removing swivel chair wheels


Steps on Removing Swivel Chair Wheels

Step 1. Once you have the two sides unscrewed, it’s time to remove the wheels. This is done by removing screws that are holding them in place. There should be four of these screws per wheel and each screw will require a wrench or a socket with an appropriate size head for your drill attachment.

Step 2. Next, take off any washers that are found on the screw heads. This is done by using a flat-head Phillips head screwdriver on each side of the washer to loosen and unscrew it from its original position.

Step 3. Lastly, use your two hands (one for each) to remove the wheel as you twist back and forth until they come off without breaking or cracking.


How do you Change a Wheel on a Revolving Chair?

Step 1. Changing a wheel on a revolving chair is not too difficult. All that you need to do is remove the screws from the bottom of your swivel chair to take off the legs and get access to how they are attached. You will see how one leg attaches at each corner with two screws, just unscrew them until it comes off.

Step 2. The next step is to remove the wheel from your chair and replace it with a new one, just make sure that you use screws of the same size as how many were on there originally so they will fit through all four holes in the bottom foot piece. You can then screw them back into place and put the legs back onto this new wheel.

Step 3. Then you will be able to put the screws back into place and remove the old wheels from your chair, this is how easily it can be done! Remember that if a swivel chair has plastic feet instead of metal, then you may need to drill holes through them for the new screw heads not to come off when you put them back into place.

So how do you know if the chair’s feet are plastic or metal? Well, just give them a good shake and see how they feel! If they’re shaking around then that means that it’s probably not metal because there will be no traction on these wheels. But if the legs remain still when shaken then it’s probably metal.


How do you Remove Casters?

One of the easiest ways to remove casters is by using a drill. You’ll want to use an electric drill or at least one that’s powerful enough for this job. The best way to go about it is to put your chair upside down and on its back, so you can see how the casters are attached  (or how they’re connected to the chair) and how they pivot.

Then just drill in through where the casters are attached, making sure that you can see how it connects to the bottom of your chair so that you know what direction  (and how far out) to drill into this spot on your chair.


How do you Remove Furniture Wheels?

If the wheels are removable, you’ll need to unscrew or unclip them for them to come off. If they’re attached with screws and a screwdriver is all you have handy, then use that instead of drilling into your furniture! For clips, look underneath the wheel–some will be on one side while others can be found on the opposite side.

If you need to remove furniture wheels because they’re broken, we recommend using a drill or power screwdriver for safety’s sake. Use your blunt-tipped drill bit–or one that can be used with an electric driver–to slowly and carefully bore into the centre of the wheel where it attaches to the chair frame ( or other furniture).

If your chair is on carpeting, then you’ll need to either use a bit with a safety cover or attach the drill chuck so it has a wide diameter. You should also wear protective eyewear in case of any material spills out of the hole you’re drilling into and onto your face while doing this project.

Next, You’ll want to do this in even (and slow) increments–any sudden moves can cause pieces of material or debris to fly off and you don’t want that happening because it’s not only dangerous but also annoying. When all four wheels are released,  you can remove the wheels from your chair.


How do you Take the Wheels off a Steelcase Chair?

Steelcase chairs, like many other types of office furniture and equipment, often have wheels. It is possible to take off the wheels using a few different methods depending on how sturdy you want the chair to be in terms of moving it around.

The first option you have for how to take off wheels from a Steelcase chair is using your hand or an object such as pliers to pull up on the wheel, twist it until it pops off of its axle and then remove it with one hand while holding onto the frame of the armrests or backrest with the other.

The second option is to use a screwdriver or something similar to pop off the wheel by pushing it up into where it meets the axle, and then twisting until you feel resistance before pulling back on.


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