How To Replace Baseboard Heater Covers? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to replace baseboard heater covers? Let us discover these manageable steps that you can apply with a breeze. My friends, to know further details, keep scrolling down. 

In a more extended time, the baseboard cover wears out. Some consumers replace the baseboard covers due to cracks, rust, discoloration. Due to these reasons, most homeowners prefer replacing the front cover if the baseboard heater works just fine.

how to replace baseboard heater covers

Baseboard heaters nowadays can be easily replaced, and you won’t need many tools to remove them. Removing your old baseboard cover needs more time but installing the new cover is easy as a snap. So, there’s no need no worry too much. This article will guide you from removing to replacing the baseboard cover. 


Steps To Replace Baseboard Covers

Usually, baseboard covers are metals and plastic, but when should you replace your baseboard covers? If you have a new painted or furnished home, you wouldn’t love to stare in your discolored heating system or, worst, if it has structural damage like cracks. Read the following steps if you don’t know how to replace baseboard heater covers and are confused about where to start in the heating system. It will guide you on what to do and remove them without the hassle by yourself. The steps might also give you a heads up before doing the method and helpful ideas. 

Take note that you must be careful in handling the replacement, such as removing your old covers, preventing damages to the walls, and managing your electric breakers. Even though most people often say that removing old covers takes time and is hard to remove because it is attached to the walls tightly with screws, it is manageable. Prevent damaging your walls and attach the baseboard cover like a professional. If you’re ready to learn how you can replace baseboard heater covers, let’s jump to the steps!


Step #1. Turn off the circuit breaker

As you will be dismantling and reassembling, you should turn off the electrical source or the circuit breaker to ensure your safety while applying the methods. Do not be complacent in removing or detaching electrical wires if the supply is on. It might cause electrical shock or, worst, cause death. We wouldn’t want you to be electrocuted and put in danger. Please be careful and do not forget to turn it off and apply other safety measures. You may also be interested to know about how circuit breakers work.


Step #2. Cut off nails and screws

You might as well use wood shims on this step. It would help if you had a small distance between the wall and the backplate of your baseboard heater. Slide off the wood shims at the backplate cut the screw or nails with the reciprocating saw. They used screws or nails to attach the backplate to the wall. With the help of wood shims, you can cut them off quickly. If you have no wood shims at home, you can use metal or plastic shims. They serve the same purpose, but wood shims are preferred by many. 


Step #3. Removing backplate 

Now that you’ve cut off the screw and nails connecting the backplate from the wall, it’s time for you to remove the backplate. But first, you need to remove the damper by straightening it out on all hangers then releasing the damper out. Hold the heating element and take the bottom backplate out from the hangers using a flat blade screwdriver. Slip the backplate from the back and pull it upwards. Discard the backplate after. 


Step #4. Clean heating system

Before replacing your baseboard cover, let’s also clean the heating system! Cleaning the heating system doesn’t need too much strength and can be done instantly. So, this step will likely take one to two minutes only, depending on the thickness of the dust built up over time. You can use a vacuum or a blower to remove the dust and dirt. Within the two, vacuum is much better. The blower can do the job, but unlike a vacuum, you won’t have trouble cleaning the dirt or dust that will splatter on the floor. If you do not have a vacuum or blower in your home, you can use a dry cloth. Put your fabric on the surface of the heating system and remove the dust from back to front. Repeat until you remove the dust and dirt thoroughly.


Step #5. Attach hangers and backplate

Now, you need to attach the hanger and black plate. You need to mark the wood studs to determine where to nail or screw in the wall. Slip the new hanger and backplate at the back of the heating system. After you successfully slip them, snap the hangers and screw or nail them in place to attach the backplate to the wall. Get your new damper, connect it to the backplate, and attach the end caps. Flip the caps, align the front cover, snap it to the hanger, and close the end caps. Viola! You made it through, the last step!


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have discovered the steps on how to replace baseboard heater covers in your home, you can now do this job personally. Well, no need to save or keep the money to pay a professional to do the work. It is always good to replace or repair home devices or appliances on your own. If you have more questions, contact a professional to guide you further. It’s best to also know how to clean baseboard heater and what is heater with hydronic baseboard.

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