How To Clean A Wall Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to clean a wall heater? Then, let’s know and apply these simple and reliable steps in cleaning. You may think about disconnecting the whole wall heater from your wall, but you don’t need to do that with your device. This article will discuss the two types of methods that you can use.

Choose which way you’ll use in cleaning and don’t worry as hey are reliable. In most cases, homeowners need to clean wall heaters twice or at least once a year to prevent dust build-up and much easier to clean.

how to clean a wall heater

The dirt and dust also affect the performance of your wall heater. So, please clean them regularly. In cleaning, you must use a flat screw or Philip’s screw to loosen the attachments. To know where to start, scroll down!


Steps To Clean Wall Heater

If you are not yet familiar with and have no idea how to clean a wall heater, you don’t need to worry. I got you covered. Cleaning it does not require an hour. You can even do the job for at least 10 minutes! Yes, you don’t believe me yet? Then, let’s discuss it further. In cleaning a wall heater, you necessarily won’t need to wipe it with a damp cloth, but if the dust is harder to remove, you might need to.

Occasionally, hard dust builds up over a long period, so if you are cleaning your appliances after a few months, you should list down the wall heater too. The lesser the build-up, the quicker it is to clean. Dust is one of the common indoor allergens, so before we jump into the steps, it’s recommendable to wear a cloth mask to cover your nose and mouth to prevent dust from getting into your nostrils. 


Step #1. Turn off the electricity

If your wall heater has a circuit breaker, it is much better to access the electric supply. You wouldn’t need to turn off the entire electricity supply. All you have to do is go into your electric beaker for the wall heater and turn it off. You need to turn off the electricity to prevent yourself from being electrocuted. It will also allow you to clean the wall heater without worrying about the electric surge and check the wires carefully. On the other hand, if your wall heater does not have individual circuits, turn off your electricity supply on the main circuit breaker. 


Step #2. Remove front cover

After turning off the electric supply into your wall heater, it’s time for you to remove the front cover. First, locate the attaching screws used in the front cover of your wall heater. Commonly, it’s either a flat screw or Philip’s screw. Loosen the screws located at the top and the bottom, then place them in an accessible place. Screws are often misplaced. After you remove the screws, slowly pull the front cover towards you. Note that it’s hard to take off the front cover sometimes. 


Step #3. Get off dirt

It’s time for you to remove the dirt and dust. You can clean the front cover in your kitchen sink, wet it with water, wipe out the dust with a soaped cloth, and rinse it off. Let it air dry. Meanwhile, you have to use a different method in cleaning the inner part of the wall heater. You can use a damp cloth or pressured air (vacuum, canned air, air compressor, or nozzle). If you prefer using pressure air and don’t have the air pressures mentioned, you can use a hair blower instead. The fan in your wall heater will move as your pressured air goes through it. To control the fan and dust that may splash, hold the fan for it to be still. Please turn on your pressure air and move it around the fan first and into the other parts. 

If you do not have a device that can produce pressure, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it on the surfaces. Unfortunately, pieces of fabric may get stuck into your wall heater’s parts, and that will heat your device. So, if you wipe the cloth, make sure it does not leave traces of the fabric. After you wipe the areas, let them air dry. Strictly, do not turn on your electric supply if you’re wall heater is wet, as it will damage your heater right away. 


Step #4. Attach the cover and turn on the electric supply

After cleaning your cover and it’s totally dried, you can now attach it back into your wall heater. Get your heater’s front cover and place it on the wall heater. Get the upper and lower screw to its location, then attach it with a flat screw or Philip’s screw. If needed, replace your screws, as this will significantly affect the attachment of the cover. After successfully reinstalling the front cover, you can turn on your electric supply. Please turn on your wall heater and let it run. Viola, you’re done! You may also be interested to know about electric water installation.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have finally learned how to clean a wall heater, you won’t be confused about how to start and what’s the next thing you have to do. With these steps, you’ll be able to clean your wall heaters accordingly. Was this your first time, and did the steps longer than 10 minutes? Don’t worry. Your experience will help you clean your wall heater in the future more quickly and accurately. If you notice open wires in your wall heater, please do not ignore them and call a professional to fix them right away. You may also want to read about how to cover up a wall heater and how to turn off cadet wall heater.

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