How To Remove Samsung Fridge Doors? In 4 Easy Procedures!

Are you about to install your newly bought Samsung refrigerator, thought of repairing its doors, or disposing of it and pondered, “how to remove Samsung fridge doors?” To successfully remove the Samsung fridge doors, start unscrewing and removing all the screws, connectors, and hinges attaching the door to the fridge.

Next, since nothing connects the door to the fridge anymore, you may now separate it. The fridge door may be a bit heavy, so be careful while handling it to avoid it getting damaged. Samsung appliances, especially refrigerators, have been handy in every household. When it comes to refrigerators, Samsung sells more than any other manufacturers in the appliance industry.

how to remove Samsung fridge doors

Individuals also encounter a lesser problem with their fridges when it comes to Samsung refrigerators. Sometimes, when you purchased a new Samsung fridge, you may have to remove the fridge doors first before installing because of its large size.

However, some Samsung refrigerators do not require you to disconnect their doors, so do not bother removing them. Also, separating the Samsung fridge doors maybe because you want to repair them or dispose of them, and getting rid of the doors is necessary for safety reasons.

Regardless of your purpose in removing Samsung fridge doors, we are here to help you. Read on as we discuss the step-by-step procedures to remove your Samsung fridge doors successfully! Keep in mind to prioritize your safety while getting rid of the fridge doors because they are a bit heavy to handle.


Steps To Remove Samsung Fridge Doors

Some Samsung refrigerator installations require you to remove the fridge doors so you can freely move them to their position. Be careful to handle the fridge door after removing them to avoid getting scratches or any unwanted damages. Moreover, it does not take much time to finish removing the doors of your Samsung fridge, as long as you follow the procedures correctly.

As you begin the steps on removing the Samsung fridge doors, observe proper handling so that you will not get some scratches or any unwanted damage, especially when it is good as new.

There may be different reasons for removing your Samsung fridge door, but carefully handling it will ensure your safety as you complete the process. You may also ask for some help from any individual inside your home when lifting the fridge doors to avoid some accidents. Without further ado, here are four simple procedures on how to remove Samsung fridge doors.


Procedure #1. Detaching the screws and connectors

Before you begin, make sure that there is no power connection for your refrigerator by unplugging any wires. Next, open the fridge doors. This will let you access the screws and wires to remove them quickly. Then, remove the three screws that hold down the top table of the Samsung fridge door.  After unscrewing them, disconnect the wires that you can find around them. Afterward, separate the two connectors, which you can find on the left side of the door.

They may also be found on the right side of the fridge if you have purchased a different type of Samsung fridge.


Procedure #2. Disassembling the water line

There may be a water coupler attached to the hinge on the Samsung fridge door, which connects your refrigerator to a water source. To remove this, twist it and pull it away from the hinge. Remove the water line connected to it by pressing on the part marked by the water coupler. If there is a red clip attached to the water coupler, remove it before disconnecting the tube.


Procedure #3. Removing the hinges

To remove the hinge of the Samsung fridge door, start by pulling and releasing the hinge lever. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws connecting the hinge in place. Lastly, you may remove all the upper left and right hinges of the fridge door. Click here to know how equipment information of screwdriver it’s typed and uses.

For the lower area of the Samsung fridge door, remove the screw attached to the left and right hinges of the door using a screwdriver. There are two bolts attached on the lower hinges of the fridge door, so remove them using a wrench for you to be able to detach the fridge door. With that, you may finally remove the lower left and right hinges of the Samsung fridge door.


Procedure #4. Taking out the Samsung fridge door

After removing all the objects that connect the refrigerator and the door, slowly lift the door upwards to detach it from the fridge. Hold both ends of the Samsung fridge door to lift it upwards slowly. Ensure that nothing else connects the fridge door to the refrigerator so that you will not damage any part of your fridge.


Final Words

And those are the four simple methods on how to remove Samsung fridge doors. Removing the doors take only a few minutes to get done, especially if you know the parts very well. Remember that the main components that connect the doors to the Samsung fridge are screws, connectors, water coupler, and hinges. Ensure that you have removed all these parts entirely before you take the door away from the refrigerator. For more articles on Samsung fridge, click here on how to change Samsung fridge filter. Thank you so much for reading!

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