How To Reduce Power Consumption Of Fridge? 7 Helpful Tips!

Are you currently strict on your budget but still want a dependable food storage compartment at home and want to learn how to reduce power consumption of fridge? You’re in luck because we prepared seven tips for you! Also, you won’t have to be concerned about running a refrigerator 24 hours a day to keep food from spoiling.

Before purchasing a fridge, this factor is one of the things you need to consider together with its size and advanced features.

how to reduce power consumption of fridge

You don’t have to buy a refrigerator that is big for your small kitchen. You can stick to being practical and buy the perfect size refrigerator to store your meats and goods. However, if you already bought one and discovered that it consumes too much power or your budget became limited, then this article is the one that you need. This post will provide you the most effective tips to save energy. So, keep on scrolling!


Practical Tips To Minimize Fridge’s Power Usage

This post will include some guidelines when you still don’t have a fridge but you’re planning to buy it soon. And we also gathered some of the best tips that you can apply on how to reduce power consumption of fridge. These tips can transform you into a practical and financially conscious homeowner, but that’s a good thing. And here they are:


Tip #1. Choose an energy-efficient fridge

If you’re planning to replace your old fridge or buy a new one, you should consider this tip. A fridge’s power usage usually depends on its capacity in cubic feet. If you want an average-sized fridge, you can go for sizes 4-6 cu ft. More extensive refrigerators, such as side-by-side refrigerators, require more energy since they have a bigger capacity.


Tip #2. Ensure proper ventilation

Concerning the location, make sure that the fridge can ventilate adequately. If not, it will require more power which could affect your electricity bills. If its current placement is near the wall and surrounded by cabinets, then relocate it immediately. If the fridge can’t release the air on its sides and back, the warm air from the compressor will flow back to the unit. There’s a high chance that it will overheat. And due to high temperature, it will make the system work harder, which will consume more electricity.


Tip #3. Don’t leave the door open

This tip also includes minimizing the frequency of opening the fridge. You’ll release the cool air, and the compressor will work harder again to provide your foods with the required temperature. And leaving the door open will not only overwork your engine or damage the thermostat, but it can also lead to more damage.

Make it a practice to check if the door is closed all of the time to avoid this. Or you can check if the door seal is not loose and can keep the warm air from entering the fridge. It should not have molds and dirt particles. Replace it if necessary.


Tip #4. Be organized

When you organize your goods and make them accessible, you don’t have to keep the door open for too long. You can directly get what you need since you already know where it is and gently close the door. Properly storing the food can also maximize the space of your fridge. If you utilize almost all the room, you can help the unit by providing less space to cool. So, how can you store food properly? Well, you can place them in containers if applicable and stack them on one side. And you can label the containers to find them easily.


Tip #5. Avoid storing warm food in the fridge

If you have leftovers from your dinner and they’re still warm, you can wait for a couple of minutes for them to cool. Avoid putting them directly on the fridge since the heat could give false signals to the thermistor and make the thermostat lower the required temperature. And if you do this too often, it might damage your refrigerator. So, once the food has cooled down, you can store it in your fridge and warm it up before consuming it.


Tip #6. Upgrade to a newer model

Older models tend to consume 66 percent more electricity than the new ones. We know that you want to save money, but you don’t know that you’re spending more than investing in a modern fridge. The significant difference could be due to rusty or defective electrical components. Or the engine is weak enough, so it requires more energy.


Tip #7. Set the fridge to power-saving mode

Not all brands and models utilize this mode on their fridges, but if you have one, then you should put it to good use. This mode turns off your door heaters or the heating coils. And this setting can reduce the power usage to 5-10 percent. One of the most energy-efficient fridges is Frigidaire’s Top Freezer Refrigerator.


Closing Thoughts

And those are some tips on how to reduce power consumption of fridge. Isn’t it amazing to have a reliable fridge that can provide your food with the required temperature, but it doesn’t cost you much money? It’s life-changing and puts your mind at peace. So, we hope you’ll utilize the given tips and keep us posted if they helped decrease your electricity bills. To learn more about energy conservation in home appliances. Click here on what does the fan setting on an air conditioner do.  Save money by saving energy!

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