How To Change Samsung Fridge Filter? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you curious about how to change Samsung fridge filter? This process is not that complicated, but we’ll walk you through the process of how to do it. After reading this article, you’ll know why it’s essential to replace the filter every six months.

Most Samsung refrigerators have ice and water dispensers. And water filters place a huge part in making sure that the water released is safe to drink. All dirt and unnecessary particle are filtered.

how to change Samsung fridge filter

However, these filters have a limited lifespan since they can get clogged by dirt. And to maintain water efficiency, we need to replace the filters. So, let’s get on with the main point and start the discussion.


Steps To Change Samsung Fridge Filter

Before replacing your filter, you need to purchase the exact filter that suits your Samsung fridge model. Then, you can buy them on the brand’s online or local store. The accessories station or section includes the filters. It’s also available in a variety of designs and sizes. However, the majority of them resemble tube canisters.

It’s easier if you use your original water filter as a guide. And you don’t need to check other sizes.  If you already have your water filter, it’s now time to replace it. So, here are the steps on how to change Samsung fridge filter.


Step #1. Turn off your fridge

This operation takes a few minutes, but you may also switch off the fridge using the thermostat. It will save energy while it is not in use. It’s also necessary to temporarily turn off the water supply for your fridge’s dispenser. You can do this by shutting off the valve or disconnecting the waterline.


Step #2. Dispense all excess water

Drain all excess water in your dispenser until there’s nothing left. It can also help clean the interior side of the faucet. And this step will immediately provide you clean water after replacing the water filter.


Step #3. Locate the filter

Since Samsung has various models for their refrigerators, there could also be several locations for you to find the filter. But some of them are visible once you open the front doors of your unit.

However, if you can’t locate yours, you should check your manual. The manual should include this information about the filter’s location. For example, Samsung French Door refrigerators include their water filters between two crispers, the container designed for your fruits and vegetables.


Step #4. Remove and replace

You can detach the filter by turning the handle counterclockwise. And it should remove easily. Take out your new and clean filter and identify the side with a rubber gasket. You will insert the filter by letting the side with the rubber gasket enter first. Then, secure the filter by turning the handle clockwise until it’s fully tight.


Step #5. Finishing touches

Bring back the water supply and turn the fridge back on. And try dispensing enough water. You can also check if the filter changed the taste in your water. Then, compare it with the flavor from the old filter.


Signs That Indicate A Need Of Filter Replacement

Some filters obtain too much dirt, and their lifespan decreased. So, how should you know that your water filter needs replacement? It’s essential to address this situation immediately. So, we gathered some evident signs that show your fridge needs water filter replacement. And here they are:


Sign #1. Filter light turned red

All Samsung refrigerators have filter lights on their displays. You can see this indicator together with other symbols for temperature adjustment and the power button. If the filter light remains blue, then your filter is still safe to use and function. However, when the symbol changed to red, you need to replace your filter immediately.  After the replacement, it should turn back to blue automatically.


Sign #2. Water has an unpleasant taste

You should be able to recognize the taste of the water in your refrigerator. Even though the filter light didn’t turn red, the flavor can also indicate that there’s something wrong with your filter. Dirt particles and other contaminants can affect your water supply.

Also, note that harmful organisms such as bacteria and molds can grow inside your fridge.

There’s a high chance that these organisms can contribute to the unpleasant taste in your water. And your taste buds know that. However, if your water tastes like metal, it could be due to rust or corrosion.


Sign #3. Dirt or black particles

Filters age, and their quality as time passes will somehow decrease. When they’re too old, they lack the efficiency to filter all filthy particles. So, if you observe dirt in your water, it’s time to check on your filter. You don’t want to let that stay for a couple of days without changing since it could lead to severe health problems.


Sign #4. Changes in color

This sign happens rarely, but you should not drink the water once it changes color. It might attribute to various factors, but any of them could result in health concerns. When your water is not clear, and there are white swirls, there could be harmful contaminants. Other colors, such as light red, can indicate rust.


Final Thoughts

And those are all the information you need to know on how to change Samsung fridge filter. Replace your filter at least two times a year for better water quality. Water filter replacement is essential to maintain the efficiency of your fridge’s dispenser. If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, read how to clean Frigidaire air conditioner filter. Thank you for reading!

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