How Much Does An Adjustable Queen-Size Bed Base Weigh? 5 Best Features!

How much does an adjustable queen-size bed base weigh?

According to some studies, an adjustable queen-size bed base weighs in a range of 500 to 600 pounds.

How much does an adjustable queen-size bed base weigh

However, the weight and size of the bed base depend on the manufacturer where the bed was produce.

Typically, the weight of the bed base varies with different materials used during the making, such as wood, steel, and the like.

With queen size bed, materials must be strong and durable since it is tremendous.

Moreover, the cost of an adjustable queen-size bed is more expensive than any other bed type and size.

The price starts at around 299 dollars. Expensive right?

If you want to relax and achieve your ideal bed position without any complications, hassle, and problem, an adjustable bed is the one for you.

It is perfect for couples, people who had a hard time sleeping, and for people who are naughty while sleeping.

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5 Health Benefits Of Adjustable Bed Base

So, why do you have to opt for an adjustable bed base?

Here are some of its great benefits:


#1. Lessens insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common sleeping disorders experienced by many people.

We will know if a person has insomnia if he/she has trouble falling or staying asleep.

Moreover, this condition can become chronic or severe in the long run.

Anxiety and overthinking cause insomnia.

To reduce anxiety, finding a perfect bed position is a must.

Thus, an adjustable bed will pave the way for people to experience better sleep.

Why so? Being comfortable with your sleeping position would help your body’s blood circulate well.

With that, it will end your sleepless nights.

But, unlike a standard bed base, you’ll have a hard time finding a good position to fall asleep.


#2. Reduces back pain

Enabling the mattresses to be adjusted at the head or the foot will provide a sleeping surface for the back.

For sure, it will support the spine by relieving strain on the sciatic nerve.

In addition, when the base is in this position, it is possible to rest soundly on one’s back.

The surface contours to the body as accurately as possible.

By slanting the head 45 degrees, the lower back can be relieved of compression.

A well-supportive foundation eliminates the need for many cushions.

Moreover, the angled head also helps to avoid neck pain and aches.

As you bend your knees and elevate your upper body, you will temporarily stop suffering the pain.


#3. Improves blood circulation

One of the best benefits of an adjustable bed is it improves and enhances blood circulation.

You must find a sleeping position that helps your heart to pump well and blood flow smoothly.

Thus, using adjustable beds, that action will be just a piece of cake.

If you are suffering from heart disease, and your doctor is recommending a certain level of bed position.

Thus, you need to find and use an adjustable bed.


#4. Greater independence

People who have problems getting into or out of bed owing to chronic health concerns can benefit from adjustable bed frames.

In addition, people who sleep in adjustable beds have more movement, whether it is due to age, injury, or another issue.

You will be able to move and adjust your bed if you want to do so.


#5. Ameliorate digestion

Experts considered digestion a concern when a person is sleeping.

You must not sleep right away if you just ate your meal.

It will lead to some nightmares and even caused death.

Studies found that lying straight in your bed can be a hindrance to the digestion of your body.

So, with that, you need to elevate your head or your feet to regulate digestion.

With adjustable beds, it is very convenient and easy to adjust the angle of your bed.

However, I recommend you elevate your head 6 inches above your body to achieve the best digestion.


Disadvantages Of An Adjustable Bed

Here are some of its disadvantages:


#1. More expensive

Compare with other ordinary bed types. For example, an adjustable bed is way more expensive.

When having these adjustable beds means you need to buy and match them with special mattresses.

To combine the price of both, it will cost a lot.

An adjustable bed costs around 300-2000 dollars, depending on the size.

So if you are on a budget, it is suggested that you will stay with ordinary ones.


#2. How much an adjustable queen-size bed base weigh

So, how much does an adjustable queen-size bed base weigh?

Adjustable beds weigh around 200 -750 pounds considering different sizes of the bed base.

Adding mattresses and beddings, it will become a lot heavier than a simple bed base.

You cannot move it effortlessly and switch to other places in your bedroom.


#3. Produces noise

The bed base produces noise as the person is trying to adjust the frame in its ideal position.

In addition, it generates squeaks and other sounds.

Thus, it provides interruption and disturbance as you sleep.

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To sum up, the queen size adjustable bed weighs around 500-600 lbs.

The queen size bed is one of the biggest and heaviest bed frames.

Adjustable beds have advantages and disadvantages.

However, this bed is very convenient if you wish to achieve your desired sleeping position.

And that is for “How much does an adjustable queen-size bed base weigh?”

Before buying these beds, make sure to prepare a budget for them. Happy sleeping!

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