5 Easy Steps On How To Remove Hair Dye From Leather Chair

You should check out this quick and easy guide for those who want to know how to remove hair dye from leather chair. This article will mention some tips and tricks for beginners like you without risking any damage to your chair while performing the mentioned steps.


how to remove hair dye from leather chair

What Are The Materials Needed?

Before starting to remove the hair dye from your leather chair, make sure that you have the materials listed below. Once you have the complete set, you are good to go!


Hair Dye Removal From Leather Chairs


Step #1. Blot the stain

In this step, you will be using your microfibre cloth and soak it with water. After that, you have to blot the stain as much as you can. With the soaked cloth, let it absorb the hair dye stains from the wet material.

Note: If you are in a scenario where your stain is dry, do not try this step. This is since the stain, unfortunately, set itself deep into the leather fibers.


Step #2. Do a patch test

With the cleaning solution that you have right now, you will need that to remove the hair dye from the seat. Doing a patch test is very simple.

It would be best to ensure that the cleaning solution you will be using for cleaning is safe for your furniture. Do a spot test in a smaller area of the furniture. If nothing happens with the solution towards the seat, you can go ahead and clean up the stain.


Step #3. Spray the solution on the stain

This step is another alternative for step 2 since you can spray on the stain by using any container spray with alcohol. After applying it to the stain, use a cloth and try wiping the stain off.

Note: Fresh hair dye stains are easy to remove from the leather chair.


Step #4. Wipe off the stain

You may also use cotton pads or cotton balls and dip them with rubbing alcohol. Another hack if you do not have rubbing alcohol available in your house, believe it or not, is to dip it in vodka.

Then, wipe the hair dye stain using the cotton ball or pad. When you wipe, you need to keep changing the cotton until you completely wipe off the stain from your furniture.


Step #5. Let the area dry

With the use of your fan, dry up the furniture thoroughly. After some time, you will be using the flaxseed oil and using the microfiber cloth to buffer up the surface until the leather chair becomes shiny.


Care tips for your leather chair


Avoid direct sunlight

When you have a leathered chair, you need to avoid leaving it under direct sunlight. The leather hardens, and it gives inevitable cracks to the seat.

That is why it is essential to keep it out of the sun. This kind of furniture is suitable only indoors or anything with a shade that can be prevented from the sun’s heat.


Keep sharp objects at bay

Avoid letting any sharp objects near your leather chair since it will produce scratches or, even worse, it can create holes. A hack for minimal scratches is you can simply rub it with your finger, and as easy as that, the scratch will disappear since the natural oil that your finger has allowed the scratch to blend in. If this maintenance technique does not work, you will need shoe polish or any natural oil for leather material.


Stay clear of ammonia/ alkaline products

When you own a leathered furniture, make sure to avoid products that contain ammonia or alkaline since it most likely damages the leather material to the point that you cannot return it to its normal state.


Wipe it down with a dry cloth

Using your cloth, always get rid of the dust or crumbs on your leathered chair from top to bottom. Remember that the fewer products you use for your leather chair, the better.


Use hairdryer

If your seat has stretched and you want to get rid of it, use your hairdryer. Turn the hair drying to the hottest setting, and you will need to heat the stretched area from the leather material slowly. When you do this method, the leather will shrink back to its normal state when it has already cooled down.


Condition regularly 

Leathered materials are natural products, and it is essential to maintain the leather for every 6 to 12 months.



You have reached the endpoint of this article on how to remove hair dye from leather chair. If none of the materials that you have present is ineffective, the only option that you will be needing is to call for a professional leather dye cleaner.

These professionals are good at removing stains since they have the proper equipment and solutions to remove the stain safely. However, if you followed the correct technique, calling for help wouldn’t be necessary at all.

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