Best Ways On How To Reset Massage Chair For More Efficiency

Owning a massage chair is an excellent investment, but one has to learn how to reset massage chair if a person wants to own one. Getting a full-body massage chair is the next best thing compared to visiting the spa every time one wants a massage. After all, visiting the spa or wellness center every day just isn’t reasonable — it’s expensive and time-consuming.

Keeping a massage chair at home may seem easy, but a massage chair owner has to know how much it takes to maintain one, and this may include resetting from time to time. After all, it is a machine, not a piece of furniture that can simply be tossed in the corner of the room.


Some Massage Chair Issues

Here are a few issues that a massage chair owner may deal with:

  • The temperature of the chair can become unstable at times
  • The chair can run out of power
  • The chair’s wiring can get overheated
  • The chair can become unresponsive to the remote or control
  • The chair’s auto-timer may not always work
  • The chair may stop working altogether


Resetting The Massage Chair

These issues can be scary, which is why one has to use them properly to last longer. Take certain precautions when using the chair, and perform maintenance regularly.

When assembling the massage chair, make sure that the program uses the remote, and use the preset program to activate it on its own. If the chair does not work correctly, turn it off immediately to avoid further problems. To change the working condition of the massage chair, make sure that it is switched off and that it’s not in use.

With the remote, turn on the power and the kneading button and hold them for five to ten seconds. Afterward, there will be an error sign on the right of the remote screen, and the chair will vibrate a little.

This is a diagnostic system that will remove the history of all previous massage sessions, getting it back to its factory settings. In doing so, the chair is being reset, saving it from other issues.

However, if the massage chair is not working or is having trouble switching it on or off, check the power cord. It could either be burnt or not installed correctly.

When using the massage chair, make sure that it is getting enough power. Check the power capacity of the power cord, or take a look at the fuse. If the power cord is burnt, don’t try to tape it, as it would be best to replace it altogether.


Issues That Can Be Addressed With A Reset

Here are some issues that can be resolved with a simple chair reset:


Timer function

An automatic timer is important to know the time of the massage session. Though it does not affect the internal massaging mechanism, it is a big deal for massage chair users. Resetting can bring back the auto-timer function.


Temperature function

Jammed-up settings can cause a rise in the temperature of the massage chair. Resetting the automatic massage chair pad can delete the incorrect settings, giving the chair a fresh start.


Unresponsive features

If the massage chair features are not functioning properly, a simple reset can fix it. These features could include the rollers not going as deep as they are supposed to, as there could be an error in the settings.

This could also be applied to the airbags if they are not getting compressed or the LCD monitor is not turning on. All these features could be fixed simply by resetting the massage chair once.


Abrupt stops

Stopping abruptly multiple times means that the chair’s personalized settings could have problems. This can be fixed with a simple reset, but it is better to call a technician who can check the chair further and avoid any more problems if the problem persists.


Other Massage Chair Fixes

Here are a few useful quick fixes for the massage chair:


The remote is not working

Most remote controls come with LED remotes with lights, and at times, these lights fail to respond. In this case, it is better to have the remote checked and the LED sensors repaired. Otherwise, the problem could be with the chair, not the remote.


The massage functions do not work

If the massage chair makes unusual sounds or stops working altogether, it is best to switch it off right away and do the steps to reset it. For unusual sounds, check the air pump by opening the hose tube and refitting the pump. Monitor the sounds of the motor closely, and if something is off, there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.



The massage chair is one of the finer investments that working individuals can have. It is not exactly cheap, so people tend to take good care of it.

Massage chairs have smooth functions and won’t cause any trouble. Learning how to reset massage chair is important, as it saves the massage chair owner time and money.

Any minor issues can be fixed simply by resetting the chair using the steps above. Otherwise, it is best to have it checked by an expert to avoid larger problems.

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