How To Remove Gum From Dryer? 8 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to remove gum from dryer? There are several ways to follow when you remove gum from the dryer, such as using an ice cube, natural oil, dryer sheets, detergent paste, WD-40, liquid fabric softener, vinegar, baking soda, Goo Gone, and rubbing alcohol.

These involve different techniques and applications you must keep in mind so remember that old gum causes many more issues that can get stuck in your hair, underneath the shoes, and inside the dryer. Never leave the gum attached to a dryer, so avoid risking the laundry with gum residues, as this is just an overview; read on further!

How to remove gum from dryer


Ways To Remove Gum From Dryer                             

 Below are some of the reliable ways to remove gum in a dryer.


#1. Natural oil

This oil removes gum on difficult-to-reach surfaces, a lubricant to loosen the stickiness so use the cooking spray when you remove the gum from the dryer, and for tiny sticky patches, spray a cooking spray onto it. Let it stay for a few minutes when loosening the sticky gunk; if there’s no spraying oil, apply little canola oil in a bottle while peanut butter also works to remove the gum.

In this case, use some old towels or rags when cleaning up the gum and try to use a plastic knife when prying the gum gently. Apply oil, so it is obliterated; get some rag damp, use warm water to wipe it clean, and use a paper towel to dry it.


#2. Dryer sheets

The dryer sheets can best remove static in the clothing as they make a valuable tool to eliminate sticky gum inside a dryer. They have softening agents loosening the stickiness, making it not challenging anymore to remove. Use warm water to dampen the sheets, press them through the gum’s surface and hold them in place using your hand if they refuse to adhere. Leave the sheets for about fifteen minutes as they loosen in the dryer, and use a fabric softener sheet when rubbing the gum from the metal. Follow the same process if the gum sticks around; when cleaning the crayon from the dryer drum, use dryer sheets and rub its mark similar to the gum.


#3. Detergent paste

The detergent pastes help remove sticky gum inside the dryer; pour it onto a container or small bowl, and add a small quantity of warm water. Obtain a thick substance paste instead of a liquid, and dip a cloth onto the mixture to remove the gum on a drum surface. When removing a detergent paste, use a wet and clean rag; place the materials onto a dryer as you operate it in a cycle, and remove the soap and leftover gum.


#4. WD-40

Spray the WD-40 onto a cloth, and rub it onto the gum until it loosens entirely; apply a little pressure while you rub the gum toward the dryer’s surface, and use more amounts when needed. Continue to clean the area; wait until you remove it; grab some clean and wet rag to follow with several drops of the dish detergent. Use a soapy rag, remove the oil and the gum, toss the old towels or damp cloths onto the dryer and operate it until the leftover gum is pulled inside the drum and avoid it staining clean clothes.


#5. Liquid fabric softener

Remove gum using a liquid fabric softener as you apply a small quantity of fabric softener and rub it into the gum for several minutes. Use some plastic spatula when prying a softened gum on the drum’s metal surface and wipe the gum away using a fabric softener rag but a clean cloth; when cleaning the area, use white vinegar.


#6. Vinegar and baking soda

Combine baking soda and white vinegar when removing gum inside the dryer or the adhesive in the fabric, as the chemical reaction would occur between the sodium bicarbonate and vinegar, and breaks up to loosen the sticky substances and gum on the hard surfaces. You may also be interested to know how to remove gum with vinegar.


#7. Goo gone

This chemical degreaser is valuable for removing sticky substances in difficult-to-reach substances and using the product on the last when removing gum in the dryer. Wet it for the second time around until you scrub it thoroughly.


#8. Ice cube

How to remove gum from dryer using an ice cube with no sticky mess? Remove the gum with an ice cube with no sticky mess as it helps release the gum in the clothes; seal it correctly inside a ziplock bag and rub ice onto it until it hardens while using some plastic spatula or scraper when lifting the gum on a drum surface. Remove it with plastic, not as you exert much force, and wet the rag using white vinegar to wipe the gum residue away and repeat the same process you still see it persisting.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to remove gum from dryer using ice cube, WD-40, Goo Gone, vinegar and baking soda, liquid fabric softener, natural oil, and detergent paste and remove the gum and solve the issue immediately. You may also want to read about how to discconect a drayer and how to use a boot dryer.

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