What Is The Best Pressure Washer Pump? 6 Amazing Options!

Are you wondering about what is the best pressure washer pump? The best pressure washer pump selections include Annovi Reverberi, Cat Pump, OEM Technologies, PEGGAS, Briggs & Stratton, & AAA Technologies which work to pump water and accelerate the flow of water that shoots the water quickly with a hose.

But there should be a high-quality pump; as they are high-powered, they shoot up a stream of water quickly, thus removing grime, dirt, mold, dust, chewing gum, and losing paint on the surfaces. Most homeowners buy a pressure washer to clean large surfaces like a garage floor, home’s exterior, vehicles, and driveways, so let’s begin to read this article!

What is the best pressure washer pump


What Are The Best Pressure Washer Pumps?

Below is the review of the best pressure washer pumps to purchase:


#1. CAT Pumps

The 66DX40GG1 is the best pump for the device of its 4.0 flow rate in GPM and 4,000 PSI as it is suitable for gas pressure washers as it delivers cleaning power, which businesses and homeowners can benefit from this pump utilizing a triplex and superior plunger design. At the same time, the chemical injector is easy when used, while the plunger is backed by ceramic to bring exceptional durability. It has no thermal relief type of valve; however, it handles 140 degrees Fahrenheit water, so quickly add it to the pressure washer and install it with no professional assistance.


#2.  OEM Technologies

This pump comes with a 2.5 flow rate in GPM and 3100 PSI that is likable for the dual seal system, as it helps avoid leaks once it gets old while its brass head connects to the aluminum crankcase, while the stainless steel piston brings much longevity to this model. It has protection bringing thermal relief and preventing damage against hot temperatures, and its built-in unloader promises a relaxing start. It is universally fit in its engine flange axial pump engines.


#3. Briggs & Stratton

The 207365GS is respected as a valuable brand for most pressure washers. It has a 2.0 flow rate, GPM, and 2350 PSI, but this is lower when compared to the model as this makes a suitable replacement model for a lower pressure washer input, including output. It does have a shaft key and six bolts promising ease of installation, as this is easy when you install it in just ten minutes; plus, its way more expensive than other models. It has built parts and an OEM pump that consists of aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. It does not overheat; plus, it has robust seals, avoiding water leaks, making it a suitable choice for a dependable axial pump, while it has a 1-year warranty.



This vertical pump in a pressure washer is steady at 3000 PSI, including a 2.5 flow rate of GPM, so easily install it as you want it with simple instructions, alongside mounting bolts that can hold it together. At the same time, some components are manufactured using aluminum and brass. The product promises safe cleaning of your car, measuring the mounting system; that good thing is it comes with exact mounting measurements with a four-inch center spacing beginning in the center flange and mounting bolts.

It also has a brass head, and self-suction that avoids leaks and the pump withstands a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit of water temperature. This product is quality and affordable but with no warranty offered, similar to other pumps, but this is promising as a product for ease of installation and convenience.


#5. CANPUMP Triplex

What is the best pressure washer pump? This pump is active with a 3.1 flow rate, GPM, and 3000 PSI, while it is suitable for 6.5 engines HP, requiring ¾ inch of crankshaft connection. The brand is recognized for its powerful and affordable replacement part, while the unloader needs replacement, but it lacks durability. The thermal relief type of valve included, with pump avoided overheating, and the model has an easy-to-use valve that best manages cold water.

The pump is also made up of brass pieces known to be reliable and robust. Nonetheless, the Crankshaft has a die-cast form of aluminum, while the plunger has a ceramic part and a stainless steel part avoiding wear and tear. The water filter safeguards the pump against clogs and mineral deposits contrast; the pump comes with a thirty-day warranty. This model is recommended for being a powerful pump at a cheap cost in a pressure washer, and its 6.5 type of HP engine. You may also be interested to know about pros and cons of gas pressure washer.


#6. Annovi Reverberi

The SRMW22G26 has been a practical and affordable choice known on the market, as it works along with a vertical engine type of pressure washer, and is helpful for gas pressure washers. It comes with a system that is easy for you to start, allowing quick operation despite the cold water while the chemical injector and unloader built inside are also included, and the thermal relief form helps it not overheat, so install the model and mount it through the engine shaft.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what is the best pressure washer pump with the selections mentioned. Just get your budget straight when you want to purchase the product as there’s always a disadvantage and advantage to each, so be wiser enough to settle with only the best. You may also want to read about how to clean a pressure washer pump safely and how do you drain water from a pressure washer.

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