How To Remove Chewing Gum From Dryer? 5 Practical Methods You Can Use!

How to remove chewing gum from dryer? Sometimes, there are tendencies wherein you forget to empty your pockets before putting your garments on to the laundry, and that could lead to problems, especially if that thing that we care about is chewing gum. It not only leaves a scent, trace on garments but also leaves a sticky texture like when you’re chewing it.

Always check your pockets for cautious or essential items to avoid that from happening.

how to remove chewing gum from dryer

Otherwise, they can come out defective. As for gums, it is a must too since it is a sticky and messy kind of food that adheres like, as you would say, a snail, though; we’ve come up with some methods to avoid that.

Now that we have explained everything to you, it is now time that we move on and fix this problem, but how? With simple methods that we will give to you, many can do it, even for a first-timer. So, without further ado, let us continue to the steps to know how to remove chewing gum from a dryer?


Removing Chewing Gum From Your Dryer

How to remove chewing gum from dryer? Now that we’ve discussed some of the essential details to have information about what we are dealing with, it is now time that we move on to the process so that we can now eliminate the problem you have been facing for a long time already:


Method #1. Spraying natural oils

If you are the type who cooks a lot using cooking sprays available on the market today, then this one is for you. You can compare it to what you call a WD – 40 that erodes sticky substances and lubricates dry areas. As for this, it is a more natural alternative and is not that pricey compared to buying a bottle or can of WD – 40.

If you want another alternative except for both, you can also use bottled cooking oil.

Though, you should only apply a minimal amount, or else that oil could drip down to the machine’s inner parts and can sometimes cause a fire or accident, if ever. Never forget, turn off your device before doing this.

Now for the steps, firstly, soak the gum in a reasonable amount of oil by spraying or applying it from the bottle down with a cloth so that the gum stuck to the dryer absorbs it. Letting the gum stay in the oil for minutes will soften and loosen its grip over time, which will be easier to remove even with the slightest pull later.

Once the waiting is done, you can now wipe the area where the gum has been taken off. Use old cloth to get rid of them. Then just after the wiping, make sure that there is no residue left on the machine. If anything is present, repeat the process from the top and let the excess soak again in oil. Now, you have a gum-free dryer.


Method #2. Using an ice cube to remove gum

If you are not familiar with one of the most common ways to remove gum, then this is it. To start it off, first, put some ice cubes in a bag and run them through the gum. You can also rub it using your bare hands if you want to. This will harden the chewing gum over time, making it easier to remove once it is hard at some point.

To not dirty your hands, use something like a plastic, spatula, or anything that you can use to carry the gum.

From there, you will have to scrape it but only apply minimal pressure because if you put too much pressure, it could damage the insides of your dryer drum, which we do not want to happen. Wipe off once done. On the other hand, this article on “How to get dye out of dryer?” is somewhat related to this topic. You can read that one later!



Method #3. Hairdryer method

Other than the two steps mentioned above, here is another step that is quite effective and has been used by many people. A hairdryer is an excellent tool to remove gum from a surface. To do that, start by turning your dryer for preheating so that it emits hot air once you put it near the gum later on.

For at least thirty seconds, heat the gum.

Check if it is warm or soft since it will indicate when you could scrape it. Push the ends and wiggle them off the dryer using a plastic spatula or fork. If it still sticks, blow-dry more; if not, then take it off and wipe the surface so that it stays clean after the removal process. That is how you remove melted gum from your dryer!


It’s A Wrap!

How to remove chewing gum from dryer? Removing gum from dryer drums may be a lot of hassle if you do not have ideas, and because of that, we must know how to remove chewing gum from the dryer. You may also want to know how to light a gas dryer if you are done with this article. 

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