How To Remove Chevy Truck Bed? 4 Easy Ways To Work With It!

Have you ever wanted to know how to remove chevy truck bed but don’t know how to start?

To start with removing your Chevy truck bed.

how to remove chevy truck bed

All you need to have is a complete set of equipment, preventive measures, and patience to perform it.

Nowadays, truck beds have been beneficial, especially when transporting large objects to specific destinations.

You may also use a truck bed to load passengers, for camping, for a DIY pool, and many other creative usages.

However, as time goes by, it gets damaged and needs to be replaced.

Since we usually use truck beds to haul loads of things.

There is a higher chance of getting some dents and scratches on any part of the bed.

Moreover, the truck beds’ components are thin metal such as steel or aluminum.

This means that minor accidents could cause severe damages to them.

There is only one way to repair the truck bed: completely removing it from the vehicle.

Nevertheless, whatever your reason for removing the Chevy truck bed.

This article will surely help you out!


Removing The Truck Bed

Truck beds have been helpful for everyone for it can carry loads of objects, even passengers, from one place to another.

Chevy truck beds have been familiar to most car owners for their excellent quality and foundation.

Despite its incredible characteristics.

It also gets old as time goes by, which usually depends on how individuals use it daily.

Some people who want to resell their cars want to change their truck bed before selling it to interested buyers.

To increase the price or give off a fresh appearance with an impressive state regardless of the number of years of its service.

You must remove the truck bed first before repairing it, but the process could be tricky.

Especially when you lack the materials needed to perform this.

When doing tricky work, a complete set of equipment is essentially required.

Because you won’t be able to carry out your desired task if you don’t.

Some of the equipment you need is an impact wrench.

Also, screwdrivers, ratchet straps, a hoist or crane for lifting, sawhorses, lumbers, and chains.

Now that you got your materials ready, here are four ways on how to remove Chevy truck bed:


Way #1. Ready your car

First and foremost, prepare the car in an area where there is an expansive space to perform the task.

Bear in mind to turn off the engine after settling your car in your desired work area.

Additionally, make sure that no unaware person is wandering around your workplace to avoid any unwanted accidents.


Way #2. Construct the scaffold

The scaffold plays a vital role in helping you remove the truck bed easily.

Using metal poles, construct a scaffold with 8 ft. by 8 ft. dimensions.

With four pillars and one side open, and assure that it is securely and firmly assembled.


Way #3. Separating the truck bed

The first thing you have to do is remove the bumpers and the hitch of the truck bed.

Before detaching the car’s bumper.

Remove all bolts that connect the truck bed, as well as the ones that hold the hitch.

After unfastening the bolts, remove the components attached to the truck bed.

Such as the wirings, fuel tank, and other parts that might interfere with removing the truck bed.

Next, prepare the scaffold that you have constructed.

Move your car under the scaffold carefully, with its truck bed placed under the platform.

Afterward, attach the ratchet straps from the scaffold to all the truck bed’s corners firmly.

Utilize these ratchet straps connected at each corner of the truck bed.

And slowly elevate the bed, raising one corner at a time.

Once the truck bed has been completely disconnected, with the ratchet straps supporting it.

Move your car slowly away from the area.

You may also use a hoist or crane to lift the truck bed without building a scaffold.

To help you detach the truck bed from the vehicle.


Way #4. Moving the truck bed

You may lower the hoist or crane to place the truck bed on a particular vehicle.

To transport it to a repair shop or anywhere you would like to store the truck bed.

Nevertheless, if you used a scaffold to detach the truck bed.

Use sawhorses and position them correctly under the truck bed to support it.

After placing the sawhorses securely.

Release the ratchets on the straps slowly to lower each corner of the bed until it settles on the vehicle.


Safety Measures!

Removing the truck bed is never easy; thus, it requires more time and labor to get it done.

The ways on how to remove Chevy truck bed are tricky.

So, keep in mind to observe proper precautions when handling the equipment and maneuver the vehicle.

To prevent yourself from being overly exhausted.

Ask help from a peer or anyone capable of helping you remove the truck bed.

Follow the steps mindfully and put your safety as your topmost priority!

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