How To Remove Oil Stains From Bed Sheets? 4 Methods You Should Try!

Are you wondering how to remove oil stains from bed sheets?

Well, do not go anywhere.

how to remove oil stains from bed sheets

You are in the right place.

I have here four methods that you can try.

You can remove them by using dishwashing soap, stain remover, soaking with baking soda, or covering it with baking soda.

That’s it!

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Methods To Remove Oil Stains From Bed Sheets

Sleeping in your bed is the best hour of your day.

Of course, it must be entirely free of any dirt.

Now, how to remove oil stains from bed sheets?

This section will be enthusiastically discussing four methods that you can try in removing these oil stains.

But before that, I will ask you first to gather these materials:

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Detergent
  • Hot water
  • Chlorine-free stain remover
  • Baking soda.

You are now ready to remove the hideous oil stains on your sheets.

Let’s go!


Method #1. The powerful dishwashing soap

This method will be using dishwashing soap to remove the oily stain in the fabric.

First, access and remove all sheets that are heavily affected by oil stains.

Then, set it aside for cleaning.

Then, dampen the stained area with clean water.

At this moment, you will need a teaspoonful of dishwashing soap from your household.

Using the dishwashing soap, gently scrub the oily stain that you have accessed.

Then, you will be leaving the affected area for about half an hour.

After that, you should wash your sheets with detergent.

I prefer you to use a gentler version to protect the fabric.

In washing the fabric with detergent, you should use hot water (not boiling) to remove the stains effectively.

You can also use cold water if the stains on the sheets are only minor.

After washing the sheets with detergent, hang it carefully until it is dried.

If the stains are not still removed, the next step may be helpful for your case.


Method #2. The might of stain remover

If the previous step was not successful in removing the stubborn oil stains in your sheets, then this might be for you.

In this method, you will need a chlorine-free stain remover.

Then, you can buy the product in the supermarket with their clear labels of chlorine-free.

These stain removers do not contain the ingredient sodium hypochlorite that might be damaging for the fabric.

It only contains hydrogen peroxide and some enzymes that work magic in removing stains, especially oily ones.

Using the chlorine-free stain remover, apply the product onto the affected area and gently spread it.

You should wait about five to fifteen minutes for it to work.

Then, wash the sheets with a gentle detergent.

Note, if you use hot water, you can potentially dwindle your sheets.

However, this hotness might be working if you have an extensive amount of stains on the sheets.

If not, you are free to use colder temperatures of water.

After washing the sheets, you can dry them already.

It would help if you hung it outside your home in broad daylight.

Sunlight can kill any germs and viruses and can also improve the color of your sheets.

You can also dry your sheets using a tumble dryer in the minimal heat setting of the machine.


Method #3. Nightlong magic of baking soda

You will need a half cup of baking soda in this method, then combine it with lukewarm water.

This method might be applicable if you have a top-load washer.

After that, combine the baking soda solution with the sheets, then leave it for a night.

It is recommended to soak your sheets for about eight hours.

However, you can leave it more than that.

After waiting, drain the residual water and use a gentle detergent for final washing.

Finally, hang the sheets, then wait for them to dry.


Method #4. The last method with baking soda

This method also uses baking soda in another way.

Grab a four tablespoonful of baking soda, then mix it in a one-fourth cup of water.

Using this solution, cover the oily stain in the sheets.

Then, wait for them to dry for about one to two hours.

After that, wash your fabric in cold water (not hot) using the gentle detergent I had recommended.

If you are finished washing them, you can hang them outside and wait for them to dry out.

Whenever all these methods did not work, you can go to the nearest dry cleaner.

Also, let them remove the stain professionally for you.


Finishing Things Up!


You already know how to remove oil stains from bed sheets.

You will be only needing dishwashing soap, gentle detergent, chlorine-free bleach, and baking soda.

Using these materials, you can refer to the four methods that I had shared with you.

I hope this article helped you.

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Thank you very much for reading.

See you the next time!

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