How To Remove Burnt On Grease From Stove Top

Do you want to know how to remove burnt on grease from stove top? There are four easy ways; and these include using baking soda, white vinegar, and coca-cola. 

Removing tough grease stains doesn’t have to cost a lot. You just might be surprised by some of the cleaning products used for these tough grease stains.

how to remove burnt on grease from stove top

Remember to check your stovetop material before considering the cleaning method to use for it. Make sure it won’t cause any damage or is not severe enough to leave scratches on the surface—practice caution when handling heat during the cleaning process. This article will help you remove those tough stains using common kitchen ingredients you might already have. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Ways To Remove Burnt On Grease From Stove Top

You can easily remove grease from a stovetop when it is fresh. When the grease is still soft, you can use a kitchen degreaser to care for the mess. But when it was been burnt into the stove top, it can get a little tricky. Here is a list of a few things about how to remove burnt on grease from stove top:


#1. Baking soda

This is a simple yet effective way to remove burnt-on grease. What you will need are a damp cloth and baking soda. First, put one or two teaspoons of baking soda on the damp cloth, depending on how much you think you will need. Then press and mix them using a spoon, so they form a paste. Use the paste to rub against the grease and with the damp cloth. This helps soften the grease, and it will be easier to wipe off. Using a plastic scraper is advisable too. There will be oil residue left, so finish off with another damp cloth.


#2. White vinegar

Vinegar has been known to help clean stubborn stains. Pour or spray some vinegar directly onto the hardened grease. The acidity will dissolve it enough to be scrubbed away with a sponge or a plastic scraper. You can also heat the stovetop again before applying the vinegar, as this helps too.

Did you know that vinegar can also help prevent other grease stains on your pots and pans? It is the same concept as reheating your stovetop for the vinegar to set in more. You will need to boil 2 cups of vinegar on your desired pot or pan for 10 minutes. Know the ways when you’re cleaning with vinegar


#3. Vinegar and baking soda

You guessed it. When the stain seems too stubborn to use only one of the same methods, why not combine them? As mentioned above, instead of just using water for the baking soda paste, you can mix it with white vinegar. Then, rub the paste all over the grease stain. You can let it sit on the stain for as long as you feel is needed.

You may also reheat the stovetop as it can help the paste set in and soften the stricter layer of the leftover grease. When the stovetop has cooled down, you may proceed to wipe it off with another damp cloth or plastic scraper. Finish off by wiping the leftover oil with a damp cloth. It may be a good idea to know how to clean the coil stovetop


#4. Coca-Cola

This might be a less conventional approach to removing burnt grease stains, but it works. Remember the time where people would use coca-cola to clean toilet bowl stains? That was to prove how acidic it can be even to remove tough stains. So if you happen to have an unexplainable amount of coca-cola in your household to use as a cleaning product, we suggest you try it. Just don’t forget to finish it off with soap and water to smell fresh. Know how to use coke to clean a toilet


How To Remove Fresh Grease Stains

We won’t leave you hanging with only solutions to old and burnt grease stains. When it is easier to remove them while they are soft, let’s give you a few easy solutions for that too. This prevents them from setting in on the stovetop or any other surfaces.


#1. Baking soda with water

Baking soda comes to the rescue again. This time, water would be enough for the paste because the grease is still easy to come off. But did you know this does not only work well on grease stains? This also works on other kitchen stains as well. In addition, it is a safe cleaning product as it is mild on the skin and the surfaces you are cleaning it with.


#2. Dish soap

Dish soaps are meant for fighting against greasy surfaces; that’s what makes them especially good for washing dishes as they can quickly get greasy with food. When you accidentally get grease-stained on your clothing or any fabric, dish soap can help with that too. Just let it sit on the stain for about half an hour and rub it under running water.



If this article has been helpful for you, share it with a friend who wants to know how to remove burnt on grease from stove top. Sometimes the most challenging stains can be solved by common ingredients we have at home. You may want to read related articles; understand how to clean griddle on stove top and how to clean electric stove top coils. Thank you for reading!

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