How To Recharge A Fridge? Restoring The Potential Of Your Fridge With 5 Easy Steps!

Are you asking yourself, “How to recharge a fridge?” Well, this article will be answering that specific question for you. So do not go anywhere, and make sure to read all the vital information here.

You can recharge your fridge by doing it yourself with these 5 easy steps.

how to recharge a fridge

Start by taking ourt all the foods in your refrigerator, locating the compressor, opening the compressor, flushing out the freon, and attaching the hose.

That’s it. I know you are very interested in repairing your own fridge at home. However, before you start anything, you need to be protected and safe from all operating hazards in this process. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Recharging My Fridge At Home With 5 Steps

This section will all be about “How to recharge a fridge?”Usually, our fridges at home can become defective over time. With this, recharging a refrigerator is essential to make it operate longer and save money from your pocket. Besides, it can also be an environmentally friendly path in reducing waste like fridges down to trash. So, before you begin following the steps, this is what you need.

You need to have the replacement freon that is crucial in this process.

Also, you should be careful in every step of this process from electrical hazards. You need to unplug the fridge from the socket and wear some electrical protective equipment like your gloves to prevent this. Also, check the specifications of the freon you need to replace so that it matches the fridge.


Step #1. Taking out all the foods in your refrigerator

Before we proceed to the highlight of recharging your fridge, you need to haul all the things that you had stored inside your fridge. Remove all the foods, drawers, and compartments that are inside. Likewise, it would help if you cleaned the interior of your fridge to keep bacteria, molds, and viruses at bay.

This cleanup will ensure the food inside to be safe for eating as it is free from any diseases.

Also, I recommend putting some rags or newspapers around the refrigerator so that your working area is well-prepared and structured. Otherwise, there might be unexpected spillage and mishaps that can happen. Besides, you need to have some storage compartments to store the screws for later.


Step #2. Locating the compressor

After you had removed all the contents of your refrigerator, it is time for you to find and check the compressor in the refrigerator. The compressor of the fridge can be located at the base of the fridge itself. It is a can-shaped cylinder that contains the refrigerant to be recharged.


Step #3. Opening the compressor

When you had already located the compressor, you need to open its intake valve and attach the vacuum pump to the opened valve of the compressor. Otherwise, you can install a saddle valve to the large copper pipeline from the compressor.

Then, install the refrigerant valve adapter to the saddle valve. This saddle valve can be connected to a freon recharging kit found at your nearest hardware store. Be careful in doing this step, as one mistake can be very harmful to your fridge.


Step #4. Flushing out the freon

After you have attached the compressor’s intake valve to a vacuum pump at your home, you need to flush out all the freon while maintaining safety. Also, it is necessary to remove all the freon in the compressor so that no remains can leave the fridge, which can be hazardous to your home.

Likewise, it is better to empty the compressor when vacuuming out the freon so that you cannot fill it fully when recharging it with the newer freon refrigerant. Besides, you are lowering the risk of leakage in your home.


Step #5. Attaching the hose

Afterward, you will be ready to refueling the compressor with the new freon replacement. To do this, attach the hose of the freon replacement can lead to the compressor of your fridge. This step will require you to be careful, especially when handling the refrigerant.

On the other hand, you need to ensure that everything is tightened and secured enough to prevent leakage after the refilling process. You can do this by using a tool wrench. After you had emptied the components of your freon replacement can to your compressor, you can close the valve already.

When you had closed the valved, reinstall the compressor to the fridge base with all the necessary screws that you had removed. Also, you can bring all the food back to your fridge and turn it around on. If not, you can call a professional to do all these steps to avoid any trouble.



Great! You now know, “How to recharge a fridge?” It would help if you were courageous and willing to do all the steps I mentioned above to recharge your own fridge at home.

You can do it by relocating all the foods in your refrigerator, locating the compressor, opening the compressor, flushing out the freon, and attaching the hose. Want to read more refrigeration articles? Go here and read how you recharge your air conditioner in your home. That is all you need to learn about this topic. Thanks for reading!

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