How To Recharge Home Air Conditioner? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you have a problem or don’t know how to recharge home air conditioner because it doesn’t come with instructions or don’t understand them?

Well, enough of the worries, if that is the only problem, then we think we can help you in finding the possible solutions to carry out and finish the task quickly.

Recharging an AC unit might sound hard for some people because not everybody has the experience to do so, though it is pretty easy if you already know how to do it.

You may have to consider setting a budget already for a situation like this because we know that it’ll cost you some money, though it is for your good.

It is crucial to recharge our air conditioning units from time to time; you’ll know that it needs a new charge once you feel that the air is hot.

Once you have noticed that the air that it spits out changed, you’ll now have to consider a recharge right away to avoid lots of problems furthermore.

Steps To Recharge Home Air Conditioner

How to recharge home air conditioner? Not all units have the same way of recharging, but with the help of research, we have found out that these are some of the most common methods to recharge one.

But your air conditioner doesn’t blow the same air just like before.  So, you want it to be fixed as much as possible all by yourself to save up more cash.

Especially in the summertime or just regular hot days, you will need some cold air. Thus this is a sign for you to start recharging your air conditioner now. Before buying the needed materials, make sure that you have enough money for the budget that you need.

Also, research what kind of refrigerant your unit uses before buying one to make sure that it will fit in and would not cause any more problems. Make sure to double-check everything to avoid hassle when doing this type of work, okay?

Also, be mindful when doing this because it might seem dangerous for someone who has no experience in these types of things. It is okay to call a professional or expert if you are scared that something might malfunction later. With that being said, let us now move on to the methods or steps on how we can accomplish our task without having any problems that might slow us down.

Step #1. Locating and inspecting your air conditioning unit

To begin doing the process, the first thing that you want to do before carelessly putting things into the team is check for the parts if where they are located.

If your appliance has a manual, it is good for you to find the compressor you need to locate.  If none, then it shall look like a metal cylinder. That should have at least two lines extending from it.

Once you are done locating the compressor, you will now try to discover the other part, the service valve found inside your Freon kit. Now when you are doing this, make sure that you have all of the safety gear in case you come in contact with some issues that might be harmful.

Step #2. Plugging the valves

Then once you have located everything, you can now plug your service valve into the compressor line of the air conditioning unit. Follow the instructions to attach.

Once you have attached it correctly, you will now have to deal with another valve connector though this one comes in a smaller size than the first one attached.

It is called the tap valve; you must plug it into the compressor lines with no valves attached. If your Freon kit has a manual, then you may base it on there if.

But, how can you attach it to avoid further confusion that might cause problems if not done correctly?

Step #3. Adding the Freon onto the air condition unit

Prepare both of the valves that were attached earlier and stick them into your Freon container so that you can now start the process of recharging your unit. Ensure that the valves are snugly attached to the container as Freon contains toxic chemicals that may affect and harm the body, even just a tiny sniff of it.

Then once you have installed the new refrigerant to your appliance, you will need to let the chemicals freely flow into its insides so that you will distribute them.

To do this, turn on your appliance and leave it for some time at its highest setting. In this way, the Freon will be forced to be in your unit and will recharge it slowly throughout the process. Lastly, please turn off the air conditioner once it has finished absorbing all of the chemicals. Remove the Freon’s container as well and the two valves that are there.


Now that you have now learned the basics of how to recharge home air conditioner at home, I hope that you will now have a hard time dealing with it already. Regardless, read this article to improve your knowledge about beds. That is all.

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