How To Raise Your Bed? 4 Best Ways!

The question is: how to raise your bed?

The height of the bed is among the most important aspect that can greatly affect the user experience.

how to raise your bed

It can affect your comfort, the look of the bed, the under-bed storage, as well ease of going in and out of bed.

With that being said, a lot of people raise their beds to achieve more aesthetic and ergonomic beds.

And that is true while taking into account the extra space for storage.

Consequently, for those who are living in a compact house, raising the bed can save space.

As such, they can utilize the space to store other belongings or to fit a trundle bed underneath it.

With this, you can have extra sleeping space for your guests coming over.

So if you also want to raise your bed, do not worry because you can achieve this even without the help of professionals.

In this post, we will be teaching you some ways to achieve the potential benefits of a taller bed.

All you need is a few tools.


Ways To Raise Bed

If you intend to raise your bed, there are a lot of easy ways to do it.

So, how to raise your bed?

Below are some of them.


Method #1. Using bed risers

The most common way to make your bed taller is to install a bed riser.

This is mainly used due to its ease of use and accessibility.

Furthermore, you can choose from an array of height, material, and color options.

Below are the main bed riser types available in the market.


#1. Plastic 

Bed risers made of plastic are the most typical type. This is often picked since it is very easy to install this.

They are also available in a wide array of color choices.

That is why it is easier for you to choose the one that can complement the aesthetic of your bedroom.

But the advantage of this type is that it is not as durable as other bed risers.


#2. Wood

Bed risers made of wood can offer excellent durability.

Much more, they can provide another level of aesthetics into the setup of your room.


#3. Metal

Metal bed risers can offer added durability and stability as compared to plastic risers.

More so, some of the metal bed risers are designed with adjustable height.

And that means that you can choose to make the bed lower or higher if you want.


Choosing Bed Risers

To pick the right bed riser, you need to consider the following factors.


#1. Material

We have discussed this above, you can choose from metal, wood, or plastic bed risers.


#2. Height

You should choose a bed riser that will match the elevation that you intend to add to your bed.

Typically, the height of bed risers is ranging from one up to twelve inches.

If you opt for a plastic bed riser, you may stack them on top of each other for added height.


#3. Size

You should also check the bed riser dimensions to make sure that it is wide enough for your bed.


#4. Weight requirement 

Bed risers are also available in various carrying capacities.

You should check the packaging or product details to make sure that it can support the combined weight of the user and the bed.


#5. Aesthetics

It would be a good idea to pick a bed riser that can match the colors in your room.


Method #2. Using bed wedge

This is a great way to add height to your bed while enhancing comfort at the same time.

A bed wedge is an adjuster that can fit below the bed head, giving it a lift vertically as it elevates your neck and head.

This inclined set up it conducive for people having health conditions such as spinal injuries, respiratory disorders, or back pain.

Such a bed configuration is also good for people with a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea for example.


Method #3. Using a mattress topper

Perhaps, installing a wedge or a bed riser seems like a hassle to you, you can just add a mattress topper on your bed for added height.

This is especially ideal if you do not need more space under the bed for storage.

Using a mattress topper is a good choice for people with medical conditions such as arthritis or for seniors due to its ease of installation.

This is also helpful in boosting your sleep experience since it can provide greater airflow as compared to regular mattresses.

Furthermore, they are more conforming and softer.

But of course, it cannot raise your bed that much.


Method #4. Using wheels

In case few more inches only are required for your bed, then you can just add wheels onto the frame of the bed.

This is also good since it will more convenient for you to move your bed, especially when it’s time to clean the room.

With added maneuverability, you can also easily move them when you want to rearrange the layout of your bedroom.

But you have to make sure that the bedsheets of skirts can extend up to the floor so the wheels will be covered.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you get to know the different ways on how to raise your bed.

Choose whichever you like best.

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