How To Stop Bed From Squeaking? 4 Easy Steps!

How to stop bed from squeaking?

Of course, we want a quiet environment when we rest.

How to stop bed from squeaking

If the bed is squeaking, you might not get a deep sleep.

Do not worry because in this post we will give some solutions to your problem.

But before that, let us first know the root causes of a squeaky bed.


Common Causes For A Bed To Squeak

Commonly, squeaking comes from your mattress, frame, box spring, or a combination of these.

You can check every component individually to find out.

Typically, hybrid mattresses and innerspring tend to squeak as they age.

The unwanted noise is coming from the coils rubbing together as they wear out.

If your box spring or mattress squeaks maybe it’s already time to replace them.

Now if squeak is coming from the bed foundations or frames, then it might be due to the friction in between their components.

The wooden edges of the box spring might be rubbing against the frame.

But it might be because the joints of the frame are not tightened properly.

This will cause excessive noise and friction.

Another reason behind the squeak is the friction between the floor and the bed. But this is not very common.


Steps To Stop Bed From Squeaking

Now that you know the possible causes for a squeaky bed, it’s about time to actually do something about it.

So, how to stop bed from squeaking?

Below are the steps that you can use as a guide.


Step #1. Identifying the source

As mentioned earlier the main sources of noise are the bed frame or foundation, box spring, or the mattress.

If your mattress is an all-foam however, it is unlikely to cause squeaking.

As such, you can instantly assume that the squeak is coming from your bed frame.

Hybrid mattresses and innerspring, on the other hand, tend to produce noise because they have metal springs.

What you can do is to take it out of the bed and lay it on the floor.

Then, try laying on it and move all around it to find out where is the sound comes from.

After you confirmed that it is indeed your mattress making the noise, then you will have to get a replacement.

The same is true if squeaking is due to the box spring.

The noise is also coming from its metal coils. So it would be best to purchase a new one in this case.

Also, try to consider if a box spring is still necessary for your bed.

That is because a lot of newer mattresses do not need it anymore.

It might even damage your mattress.

In case, the noise is coming from the foundation or frame of the bed, then use then proceed to the next steps.


Step #2. Tightening the joints

The majority of the foundations and frames are connected by joints, typically screws or metal bolts and this is the most common squeaking source.

With that being said, it would be nice to start preventing the noise here.

You can begin by tightening all the connecting joints of the bed frame.

Use a screwdriver or a wrench for this.

Also, consider adding plastic washers so that the joints will fit tighter.

That is because squeaking commonly comes from metal connections.

If the squeaking continues, proceed to the next step.


Step #3. Lubricate joints

If the frame of your bed is made of metal or if the foundation has screws or metal bolts, you can apply lubrication as it can help in solving the issue.

Applying some lubricant to the joint areas can greatly help in reducing the noise.

But in case both the lubricating and tightening of the joints of the bed does not work, then the noise might be coming somewhere else.


Step #4. Cushioning the frame

As mentioned earlier the noise might be due to the friction between the foundation or frame of the bed and the mattress.

In such a case, you will need to add another layer of cushion between the mattress and the frame.

Or between the box spring and the bed frame.

In doing this, you have to gather a couple of fabric materials such as kitchen towels, felt, T-shirts, or old socks.

Then, line these fabric materials into the frame or foundation of the bed.

Once done, put your mattress back on top of the bed.

You will see that the creakiness and the friction are reduced.


Other Things That You Can Try

However, if the squeaking still persists, you can try the following:

If your bed has wheels, you can try using caster cups in reducing the noise.

You might as well get rid of the wheels and just utilize furniture pads.

Try placing furniture pads onto the legs of the frame of the bed to minimize the friction between the floor and the bed frame.

Make sure that the bed is even, add more padding if necessary.

Apply candle wax gently onto the areas where woods are in contact with one another to lessen friction.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, after you read the entire post, you already have solved the issues with your noisy bed.

Since we have already discussed the steps on how to stop bed from squeaking.

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