How To Put On A Bed Skirt? In 3 Easy Steps! 

Do you have a bed that you want to cover but have little knowledge of how to put on a bed skirt?

Well, this article will help you with that.

Putting on a bid skirt in your beds is not necessary.

But then again, this has a purpose that you need to discover.

Bed skirts make your bed look even better and more pleasing to your eyes. It is a good purchase.

There are different types of bed skirts which means that you will need to have a general guide.

And that is exactly the guide and idea we are going to share with you. So stay tuned and learn more.

Bed skirts can be one of the best treatments you can give to your bed.

But, it is more than what you think it is.


how to put on a bed skirt

Steps To Put On A Bed Skirt

Before we jump into putting on a bed skirt, we need to know more about a bed skirt.

A bed skirt is also known as a dust ruffle.

That is because it makes your bed look even fancier and more presentable.

It also protects your bed from dirt, especially dust to come through.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why it is called a dust ruffle.

Other than that, it can be used in different aspects, depending on the purpose you want to achieve.

But then you need to know how to put on a bed skirt correctly for you to work on it on your own.

We will provide you several steps for you to know more about what you need to do with that.


Step #1. Pick a bed skirt of your choice

The first thing that you will need to do is to purchase a bed skirt of your choice. A lot of things are necessary to be considered.

One of those is your bed’s dimensions. This one is the most important thing you have to consider.

Another is the color of the bed skirt.

Again, if you want to have harmony in your room, you should try to blend the colors.

In this way, you will have a good-looking and well-balanced room in great color combinations.

We suggest that you checkout color palettes on Pinterest.

Also, that bed skirts do have a lot of styles.

You should at least choose a style that matches your room decors and the patterns you have all around.


Step #2. Prepare the bed skirt and the bed

For the next step, after you purchase your bed skirt, you can try to prepare it before you place it on the bed.

As for the fabric, it may be hard at first, so you can either rinse it or have it in the laundry machine to soften.

This step is not necessary unless you would insist on doing so.

But then preparing it this way can be very helpful.

In that way, you will no longer hard-wash it when it gets dirty and when it traps a lot of dust.

You can then move your bed to an area where you can easily install the said bed skirt.

When you have done this one, maybe you can think of the tools you can use.


Step #3. Place the bed skirt

The next step would be the actual procedure on how you should place your bed skirts on your bed.

You can differently make bed skirts.

For example, you can insert some between the layers of your bed.

But some are just made to be applied on the sides of your beds.

In this way, you can use several techniques.

Insert bed skirts like a bed cover with ruffles alongside between the box spring and the mattress on top.

That is why you need to make sure that you have bought the proper size or might not fit.

Just even it out in there, then you can put the layers on top of it.

As for the bed skirts meant to be attached on the sides, you can always use pins or any adhesive.

Be careful when choosing what to use because it might be bad for your bed or it might be temporary.

That shouldn’t be because bed skirts are meant to trap dust and should be washed and changes every time.


Where to buy bed skirts?

If you want to buy a bed skirt, there are so many designs and styles that you can look for when shopping.

Well, you need to find one that suits your taste and personality.

That is the only way you’ll get satisfied.

You can visit the malls in your locality, or you can order online if you want.

Online shopping is more practical.

Choices of stores, prices, and designs are not limited. On the contrary, it is wide in terms of resources.

It is up to you whether you choose a cheaper one or one with great quality at a reasonable price.



That ends our topic for today. I hope you enjoyed exploring with us today.

As we wrap up, we have answered, “How to put on a bed skirt?”

You may take note of the steps for you not to forget it.

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