How To Kill Bed Bugs In A Car? 6 Bed Bug Treatment Methods

You might be here today upon realizing that bed bugs are not only infesting homes, so how to kill bed bugs in a car?

These pests can move by attaching to the clothes of their hosts.

how to kill bed bugs in a car

In case your office or home is infested, then it is most likely that they have to travel with you in your car.

But do not worry because you can use many effective and safe treatments to get rid of those bed bugs.

Read further to find out!


Methods To Kill Bed Bugs In A Car

In this section, we will be providing some tips for keeping your car free from bed bugs.

Following the methods below can also help in preventing the development of bed bug infestation.

So, how to kill bed bugs in a car?


#1. Inspection

First of all, you need to ensure that the car is free of bed bugs. Second, you have to know whether there is an infestation or not.

For your information, bed bug treatments are time-consuming and costly, so you have to be sure before you proceed.

You can begin by cleaning your car interior thoroughly.

Also, remove any clutter since this might be where they hide.

Then, inspect the car thoroughly.

Do not just look for the bed bugs, but lookout for any telltale signs that they leave, such as bloodstains, for example.


#2. Regular cleaning

Bed bugs will love to stay in your car if there is a lot of clutter since you will hardly detect them in such a case.

But if you clean regularly, you will prevent any infestation.

Ensure to vacuum all crevice and crack in your house as you are cleaning.

As much as possible, do not store clothes in your car because they usually attach themselves to items like this.


#3. Wash floor mats and seat covers

Aside from keeping your car clean, you must also regularly wash the floor mats and seat covers.

Doing so is very helpful in killing any lingering bed bugs. This is also another chance for you to inspect your car.

After washing these items, dry them using a high heat setting to make sure that any surviving bed bugs will be killed.

Before you place them back into your car, you have to examine them for the last time to be sure.


#4. Exterminating bed bug by steaming

One of the most effective and safest ways of killing bed bugs is heat treatment.

Professionals have particular equipment used for this, but using your steam cleaner will do if you opt to do it yourself.

Ensure that the machine that you will be using can emit over 200 degrees of steam for it to be able to kill those pests effectively.

Furthermore, you may use its fabric attachment with a cover made of cloth to control the steam application better.


#5. Using diatomaceous earth

If you are not familiar with diatomaceous earth, it’s a powdery mineral in off-white color.

This is made from the remains of small aquatics organisms that are fossilized.

This chemical is known to be effective when it comes to killing various insects like bed bugs.

It is also safe to utilize these as it does not harm humans and their pets.

Diatomaceous earth is available at any hardware store in your local area. But you can also order them online.

All you need to do is to sprinkle the powder on your entire car and allow it to sit for several days to achieve the best results.

Then, vacuum it up after 3 days to remove the powder in your car.

You have to take note that you might need multiple treatments for this method to be effective.


#6. Fumigation

An effective method used in treating pests is fumigation. Unfortunately, this is not only performed in houses but cars as well.

Just how it is done in homes, cars are also covered and sealed using a tarp to perform the treatment.

In one fumigation treatment, you will remove all the pests effectively from your car.

You can even put other belongings that might also be infested by bed bugs, such as your bedding and clothes, inside the car so that they will also be treated.


It’s A Wrap!

How to kill bed bugs in a car?

All the methods provided above are deemed effective in treating and preventing infestations of bed bugs.

But to attain a higher success rate, you can combine two or even more methods.

However, even after you perform the remedies above and your problem with bed bugs continues, then you need to contact a professional for pest control.

They can apply chemical or heat treatments safely without endangering your car, family, and pets.

Also, remember that those pesky bed bugs are very resilient. So in keeping your car free from them, it would take multiple treatments.

Not only that, but you need to continually perform preventive measures for you to be able to get rid of bed bugs totally.

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