How To Put A Lock On A Fridge? In 3 Easy Steps!

There might be some critical foods or items that you keep inside your fridge, and you’ve come up with a way to deal with it, so the question, “How to put a lock on a fridge?” will be asked. In three easy steps, you can; you will understand these things as you delve into this article deeper.

As you all know, refrigerators are used to store food and other items that you will consume later on. Its purpose is to store and maintain the freshness of foods.

How to put a lock on a fridge

Whether it is a family fridge or your own, we cannot avoid someone who sneaks in at midnight to eat up all available foods. Because of that, stocks don’t last too long and will make you go more to the market to restock and spend more money than usual. If this continues, you will suffer from the consequences over and over again. Good thing we have something in mind that we think can be useful for this.

To know more about what we are going to discuss, we will learn new things that you can apply to situations like these. So, keep on reading furthermore.


Steps To Put A Lock On A Fridge

How to put a lock on a fridge? If you buy one, there are instructions on the package, but what if that isn’t your issue? Are you having trouble following the instructions on how to put it together? Instruction leaflets, like manuals or booklets, are essential to have; if you have one, maintain it. They may be helpful in some cases that you are concerned about. This problem is relatively simple to solve. You may quickly deal with it by following some procedures found on the internet or simply following the given one.

Once you accomplish this, we can assure you that there will be no one that can have access to your fridge easily than before. After all, only you have the key. In addition, there are a variety of fridge locks that you can choose from. Depending on their size, shape, and qualities, each has a different factor and uniqueness from the other.

So, if you are opting to purchase one, make sure to pick one of the highest quality that is sure to last you long enough and is hard to break into easily. Then, rest easy; problems will happen no more. Now, all the access to the refrigerator is yours. No more stolen goods and opened things will be left inside anymore.

With the methods or ways listed below, you can put these to use so that you can work efficiently and without any worries. They’re not that hard to achieve, so let us continue.


Step #1. Locating a good spot to place the fridge locks

Before you start doing anything else to the refrigerator, it is always necessary that you should unplug it first to avoid it from getting in contact with water or other harmful things that may affect your appliance and you. So, firstly, wet a rag using warm water, and about two-thirds on top of the fridge door have at least 2/3 spot to put on your lock later on easily.

Once you’ve spotted the perfect area, make sure to clean it using the damp towel and scrub the front and sides of it thoroughly. You’ll then want to let it dry first. You can mark the area in the meantime using a marker if you want to. With that, you can have a guideline to where you should place your lock correctly later on.


Step #2. Placing the door lock panel

After cleaning the area where the installation will occur, prepare your liquid glue and apply a tiny amount to the rear of the lock panel on your door. In most packaged door locks, they would include an adhesive in their package. Unfortunately, you can rarely see one that doesn’t come with it since it is hard to find anywhere.

If you don’t have any liquid glue in yours, you can use either super glue or epoxy (liquid) instead. Please apply to the back right away since it dries fast when exposed to air. Evenly place your lock panel on the fridge door; make sure that it follows the guide that you made earlier to assure that it aligns later on with the other. Hold it in position for several minutes. This will allow the lock to be held into place permanently. Anyway, you should know how to lock a fridge door.


Step #3. Placing the side lock panel

The lock panel on the sides should be lined up using the lock (first) now that the other lock panel is in place so that the two circular regions match and produce a single hole for a wave; the steel arm should go precisely beneath the door’s arm. Then apply some adhesive onto the lock panel on the side, then put some pressure into it for several minutes, making sure that it is tightly fitted into place.

Once it’s done, through the whole, try to insert a padlock to check if there are issues. Then, try connecting the lock and try pulling it if it will stay secured or be broken. Anyway, it’s a good idea to know where you can get some of the best refrigerator locks out there.



And that is how to put a lock on a fridge. Again, the steps aren’t that hard since they have those instructions in their package; though, not everybody could understand what is written. So if you’re not the type who deals with these things, consider calling a professional. Anyway, the article on how to put a lock on a mini-fridge may also be helpful to you. 

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