How To Move A Fridge Upstairs? In 3 Easy Steps!

You may be wondering how to move a fridge upstairs; maybe you just moved into a new house and found that upstairs is the perfect place to put your fridge. Well, we’ll teach you three easy steps, which I’m sure you can execute with ease. As someone who has a refrigerator at home, it is indeed heavy to handle one; the weight itself plus the items stored inside of it makes it more severe about being carried by one person alone. Therefore, we recommend that you come and bring a friend over.

In that way, the both of you can help each other in doing things and bond at the same time. It may be tiring, but once it’s done, you can both take a rest because you deserve it after some effort of carrying and arranging things according to place.

How to move a fridge upstairs

So back to the question, how do we move a refrigerator to the peak? Well, we’ve got some remedies that might be useful to you in these types of situations, therefore try them and see for yourself how effective they are! So today, we will be discussing these things in this article.


Steps To Move A Fridge Upstairs

How to move a fridge upstairs? There might be some essential guidelines that you’ll need to know before carrying things since they have the necessary components for them to function. If ever that breaks, replacement parts are pretty pricey in the market now. With the help of an instruction booklet, it will drastically fill you with the knowledge that you’ll need to work efficiently on situations that relate to any refrigerator problems thus, giving you an easy time to work with it.

As we all know, fridges are a must-have appliance at one’s home. Yes, they are essential for storing foods that have expiries due to various elements that may spoil anytime if not kept in an environment that will maintain their freshness.

So with that, it gives you more time for your food to be consumed later on. This is accomplished by the cool air emitted from the coils, which then spreads onto the areas that stop spoilage in the food. As a result, if one of your refrigerator’s components fails, it won’t work properly unless you buy replacement parts. This is also one of the reasons why, before you transfer your belongings, keep in mind what you should and shouldn’t do; otherwise, it will be a problem if you do it without any knowledge.

Below are some steps that you can use to base on. With these, it will make your task significantly easy. Also, they aren’t that hard to accomplish since we’ve simplified the steps for you to understand them with ease and no worries. Understand how can you move a fridge


Step #1. Preparation for moving

Now that you’ve just moved in, we know that some items are still stored in your fridge. To start the process, clear up and remove everything that can be found in its interior so that the weight will be significantly lighter.

To make sure that there will be no annoying sounds heard, later on, apply some pieces of tape on the insides so that loose parts such as drawers, shelves, or ice pans stay in place. Of course, the most important of them all. Unplugging is a thing that you should do when dealing with electronics; in this way, you can ensure that there will be no incidents that might happen anytime.


Step #2. Placing and readying for the dolly

First, unwind the strap placed surrounding the dolly (appliance), then hold the belt in one of your hands, making sure to move that the doll is directing to where the side of the refrigerator is placed. Away from the dolly’s bottom, it would help if you tilted the fridge on the sides once you’ve completed that step. Then slide the dolly’s bottom forward, ensuring sure it’s below the elevated refrigerator. Once the doll is below the location where you will install the appliance, you’ll want to lower it.

Finally, wrap the strap you unwound previously approximately halfway around your fridge. It would help if you secured the belt by threading the ends of each strap through the strap rings and then onto another round. Now pull it firmly to ensure that the fridge is appropriately aligned with your dolly. Anyway, there are ways on how to move a fridge without a dolly; you can delve deeper!


Step #3. Carrying the fridge upstairs

We’re ready to carry it upstairs now that it’s all set; know how to move a refrigerator upstairs. As the helper pulls the refrigerator from the opposite side, go backward, dragging the dolly towards the steps. Keep an eye out for anything that might get in the way of your progress. Now that it is in place, move it up stop for a while, and lift the dolly to the first step. Make sure to be careful since fridges are heavy and no one is available to compensate for your mistakes. Repeat the process on each step.

Lastly, return to the top of the steps, dragging the dolly up while your assistant supports the refrigerator up from the bottom. Once you’re at the destination, install the refrigerator in its proper location.

After that, you may return your food, beverages, and other items to their proper places because everything is already in place. Before returning the products to the fridge, be sure it is plugged in. My friends, it’s also advisable that you know how to move a fridge without scratching the floor



Now that we’ve discussed some necessary steps on how to move a fridge upstairs, you should always keep these in mind as they may come in handy at any time. But, if you cannot handle this job, consider calling a pro for this.

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