How to Set Up Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet

What is a Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet? The Cuddle N Care Bassinet is a portable bassinet that can be used indoors or outdoors.

It features a removable rocking base with four levels of adjustment so you can find the perfect position for your baby to sleep in. This blog post will walk you through how to set up Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet!

set up your Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet


How to put Sheets on a Bassinet

Step one: Place your Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet mattress pad inside the bottom of the unit.

Step two: Involves adding a layer of comfort by laying out one fitted sheet and one flat sheet.

Step three: Zip both sides closed, then add your baby’s favourite blanket or stuffed animal for snuggling! Attach this adorable mobile so it hangs above your little one as they fall asleep.

You can also adjust its height depending on where you would like it positioned around their bedding area. To do this simply pull down gently until it locks at the desired level.

Step four: Finally, place your Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet mattress pad inside the bottom of the unit. Add a layer of comfort by laying out one fitted sheet and one flat sheet.


Steps on How to Set Up Your Kolcraft Cuddle N Care Bassinet

Step 1. Make sure all pieces are included and there aren’t any tears/holes on the fabric before setting it up. Remove bassinet from the box and remove packaging materials. Fold-out legs and adjust the height using the knob underneath each leg until the desired level is reached (four different heights available).

Step 2. Attach armbar by sliding into place and locking in with a twist. Place mattress inside plastic bag labelled “Mattress” on the bassinet to keep it clean during set up (open end of the bag should be at bottom of mattress). Remove the mattress from the packaging by cutting or tearing open the top.

Step 3. Attach safety strap around each leg post using provided hooks; ensure both sides are attached securely before use. Ensure that straps do not obstruct wheels/legs when moving bassinet about, if they do simply move them out of the way until baby is older/bassinet isn’t being moved as often.

Step 4. It’s important that you only attach one side of the safety strap for now so your newborn has more room to adjust how he sleeps. As the baby gets older you can attach both sides of the strap and adjust how tight or lose the bassinet is.

Step 5. Place mattress on top of the wood frame. Push two side walls up until they click into place above the mattress, ensuring that fabric lining inside the wall pockets faces down; repeat for the opposite side.

Don’t worry if your walls are not perfectly in line with each other during assembly as these will be adjusted later to ensure a snug fit around the baby when she’s sleeping.

Step 6. Repeat steps three and four for the second set of walls (if purchased). It may take some force to push them securely into position but it should go smoothly as long as there aren’t any sharp edges that could snag the material. If necessary use scissors to cut away excess fabric from the pocket after assembly.


Can you Wash the UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress?

No, but you can spot clean with soap and water on a damp cloth to remove stains.


Is the UPPAbassinet Height Adjustable?

Yes, the legs are adjustable from 26″ – 34″.


What age is recommended for use of the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N’ Care Bassinet?

It’s designed for newborns up to 25 lbs or until they start trying to climb out (usually about six months old).


How Many Pounds Does This Product Hold Safely?

This bassinet holds babies weighing up to 25lbs which generally means babies under six months will comfortably fit inside without being able to escape.


Can the Bassinet be Used as a Play Yard?

Yes, it’s great for travel and can also serve as an open or closed playard. Just make sure to not use it in crib mode if the baby can climb out of it. The reason being there isn’t enough side support when using this way so they could fall through the opening between mesh sides and mattress/mesh flooring.


How Long can you use UPPAbaby Bassinet?

The UPPAbaby bassinet is safe to use up until the baby reaches 30lbs which generally means it can be used from birth until around six months old.


Can the Product Connect With Other Products?

Yes, this bassinet does come with its own removable and washable pad but you can also choose to buy an additional one in case you need spares or would like more than one for switching out when they get dirty.

You are not able to attach two of these as there isn’t any way to securely fasten them together safely without damaging the material however many parents find success using clamps on both sides instead. If your child needs extra sleep space then purchasing some crib bumpers may work as well.


How is the Product Feeling? Is it Comfortable and Easy to use?

Many parents find how lightweight this bassinet is made them feel more secure when their baby is inside of it.

The mesh material also seems to make for a cooler sleeping area which can be beneficial in warmer months especially if you are using an extra sheet on top or during colder times with one fitted underneath where they sleep.

If your child tends to move around while asleep then that aspect might not work out so well, but many children do need some sort of soft barrier between themselves and hard surfaces anyways just like adults would!

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