How to Open Your Dash Stroller: A Fast, Easy-step Fix

This post is for all of the mothers out there who are struggling with opening their dash stroller. This article contains a step-by-step guide on how to open your dash stroller in easy steps, as well as some other tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to get your child into the seat!


how to open your dash stroller

Steps on How to Open a Dash Stroller

Step One: Unlock the lever on the side of your stroller. It should be located near the footrest and it will probably take two hands to lower it down. If you need a visual, this video from YouTube might help!

Step Two: Lower open up both sides of your dash stroller by pulling back on them with both hands until they lock into place. You can see how that’s done in a different YouTube video here! – Step Three (optional): if there is anything left behind in the storage area underneath either seat, remove it now while you have easy access to those bags or other items!

Step Four: Recline each back leg rest so that it’s folded up.

Step Five: Make sure that the two front legs are also securely in place and then wrap your fingers around both handles on either side of the stroller base.

Step Six to Eleven (optional): depending on which model you have, there may be more steps than this! Read here for further reference or speak with the retailer about any questions before continuing the assembly process for other models.


How to Collapse a Dash Stroller

Step One: remove the storage from underneath either seat, if it’s present.

Step Two: Unfold each back leg rest so that they are standing up and secure them by tightening their knobs on the underside of each leg. Make sure to also have the front legs securely in place at this point!

Step Three (optional): depending on which model you have, there may be more steps than just these three steps; read here for further reference or speak with the retailer about any questions before continuing the assembly process for other models.

Step Four: To collapse your stroller now, wrap both handles around one another until they’re touching tightly together then pull down and outwards on those handles

Step Five: To open the stroller again, do the opposite by pulling up and outwards on those handles. This will release tension in between them to allow them to slide apart then pull down on both handles at once until they reach their original position.

Step Six: Repeat steps three through five as needed when collapsing or opening your stroller for storage purposes.


How to Fold a Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller

A baby trend double jogger is a good option for parents who need to get exercise while keeping their children happy and close by.

It is also great if you have twins or two small babies, as the stroller will be able to carry them both at the same time. However, it can take some practice before you are comfortable enough with how this type of stroller works to fold up quickly without any problems. Here’s what you’ll want to do:

Step One: First, open your stroller all the way so that it stands on its own accord then remove one child from each seat (if there are more than two)

Step Two: Hold onto the handle in the middle of your stroller and then lift one side of the seat so that it can rest on its frame.

Step Three: Repeat with another side, remove another child from seats if needed

Step Four: Once you have both sides lifted, keep hold onto handles as they are now perpendicular to the ground. Then fold each upward until they meet at a diagonal angle (i.e., not exactly parallel)

Step Five: Hold them together for five seconds before releasing the straps and letting go completely

Step Six: At this point, you will see that there is some excess fabric leftover near where your children were sitting–pull it out by grabbing either end of it and pulling

Step Seven: Now the stroller should be folded. Place it behind you, close to your body so that it doesn’t get too far away and make sure no one can trip over it as they walk by.

Step Eight: You are now ready to go! Once again open up a door with your free hand while holding onto the stroller handle–or lock in place if on stairs. 



What is the Lightest Double Stroller?

Many parents want a lightweight double stroller for their two toddlers. There are many available on the market that will work, but you should consider your child’s weight and age before purchasing one.

What to look for in a Lightweight Double Stroller:

The tires need to be thick enough so it doesn’t get stuck or damaged easily when used outdoors.

The wheels are sturdy and made of plastic with rubber treads–not foam or fabric like some cheap umbrellas have! These may puncture if they hit something sharp while rolling over sand, gravel, rocks, etc. You also want them wide enough so that there is plenty of room not only between each other (so someone can walk through) but also for the child’s legs.

The seats need to be able to recline so that your baby can nap comfortably and you don’t have to worry about them sliding down into a slump in the stroller. A good rule of thumb is they should feel like sitting up straight with their head resting on their shoulders when seated.

If this doesn’t happen, then it might not be deep enough or wide enough for your little one! The fabric should look durable and easy-to-clean as well–there are some great ones out there that are waterproof (like those found at Britax).


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