How to Fold Double Jogging Stroller: A Step by Step Tutorial

This article will show you how to fold double jogging stroller. This is a step by step tutorial that can be completed in less than 5 minutes for those with no experience. If you are looking to purchase this type of stroller, or if you just want to know more about the process of folding it up, then this article is perfect for you!


Safari double jogging stroller

Steps on How to Fold an Instep Safari Double Jogging Stroller

Step 1. Unbuckle the straps and loosen up the fabric.

Step 2. Place your foot on one of the rear wheels to hold it in place, then pull back until you hear an audible click sound.

Step 3. Tighten down all parts that were loosened before so there is no slack left at any point.

Step 4. The last step is to fold the fabric and buckle it down. This can be done by folding over one of its sides, then tucking in the opposite side. Once you have this folded, hold on to that strap tightly with a hand while using your other foot to push against the back wheel so as not to let it slip out from under you.

Step 5. Lastly, use both hands to tighten up all parts until there are no slack areas left before releasing your grip on that strap for good! It should look like this when finished.


How to Fold a Dreamer Double Jogging Stroller

Step One: Use both hands at the same time and gently lift one side of the fabric while tugging firmly on its corresponding wheel until it’s completely upright. This should only take about ten seconds as long as you’re tugging with a firm grip.

Step Two: Do the same thing on the opposite side of your stroller and it should now look like this.

Step Three: Once both sides are upright, unlock the top two pieces by pressing down on each one’s button (both buttons need to be pressed at once) while lifting on their corresponding handlebars; they should release from their tight hold almost immediately since all you were doing was unlocking them to begin folding.

This is what it will then look like when unlocked. Notice how there is an accordion-like crease running through its centre? The next steps involve taking that accordion and turning it into a “Z”

Step Four: Position the top of your stroller over to one side. For example, if you’re folding it horizontally for storage purposes, position the handlebars on the left-hand side (assuming that this is how you were closing it) and then do a 180-degree turn while still holding onto those handles; they should be in front of you now whereas before they were behind and at your back.

At this point, make sure your hands are on either side instead of above each other so as not to accidentally undo what we just did with Step Three by pressing both buttons simultaneously.


How to Fold a Schwinn Double Bike Trailer

Step One: Choose a spot to stand and then place the bike in front of you.

Move your hands down one side of the frame so that they are positioned on either side as if you were going to pick it up again; this will help later when we fold (it’s just easier for us).

Place one foot between each wheel where there is space, or at the back end – whichever feels more comfortable. This enables better balance.

Step Two: The idea behind this step is really not about moving anything but rather getting into position for what happens next: lifting with both feet off the ground! Placing one foot against each wheel also helps reduce slippage when lowering onto them, and provides a better grip.

Step Three: With both feet off the ground, place hands on one side of the frame – again it doesn’t matter which side you go for first – and lift with your arms until they are parallel to the floor; from this position, you should be able to see what needs to happen next.

Step Four: Release your left foot’s hold (so that it rests against its wheel) so that the stroller will now stand on either of its own two wheels only for us to complete our task! Once you’ve done this, use your right hand or arm as leverage by pressing down on top of the handlebar while pulling back towards yourself at an angle.


Where Does the Flag go on the Schwinn Bike Trailer?

This is a question that many people don’t know. The answer to this depends on the type of flag you have, which usually consists of an American Flag or Patriotic Flag. If it’s one of these flags, then we recommend placing them in either the front left or right corner and wrapping around the back of the trailer.

If you have a flag that isn’t American, then we recommend hanging it on the back of your bike with Velcro straps or some kind of adhesive to keep it in place while driving down the road.

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