DIY Steps on How to Clean a Phil and Teds Stroller

If you have a Phil and Teds, then you understand how important it is to keep the stroller clean. The fabric can get dirty quickly, especially when your child likes to eat or drink while riding in the stroller. This blog post will give you tips on How to Clean a Phil and Teds Stroller so that it looks new!


Phil and Teds Stroller

Steps on How to Clean a Phil and Teds Stroller

Step 1. Spray the stroller with a mixture of water and dish soap   

Step 2. Scrub any stains or spills on fabric with a toothbrush, scrub brush, or sponge. This will remove dirt and grime from cracks in the fabric where it might be difficult to reach otherwise. Try using an old toothbrush for this task since you don’t want to ruin your good one!

Rinse well: If there is still some stubborn spots that won’t come out after you’ve cleaned them twice already then use rubbing alcohol, spot remover, bleach solution (to avoid ruining any colour fabrics), white vinegar mixed with water or hydrogen peroxide. These types of cleaners may work better than others, depending on what the spill is.

Step 3. Remember to always test a small area first. After you’ve cleaned, wash all of your clothing and bedding in hot water with detergent (to remove any lingering dirt or grime).

Step 4. Store the stroller somewhere it won’t get dirty again for at least three days before giving it another cleaning.

Extra Tip: Spray vinegar into your vacuum cleaner bag before vacuuming to help clean and freshen up fabric surfaces.


How long does this take?

This will depend largely on how soiled the item being washed is as well as how much time can be dedicated to washing an individual piece. If there’s only a few stains or smudges that need   to be removed, you can wash the item in a matter of minutes


What about scrubbing?

If there’s simply too much grime on an object to remove with just water and detergents:

  • For very dirty items, try using dish soap.
  • Add baking soda or washing powder for extra cleaning power when needed.
  • Scrub gently over tough stains until they disappear (don’t rub hard).
  • Rinse thoroughly under running tap water and then dry it off before putting it away or hanging up.

How often should I clean my stroller? Depending on how many children use your Phil & Teds Stroller, this will differ from person to person but as long as your  Phil & Teds Stroller is used regularly, you should clean it every two weeks.


How do I dry a wet stroller?

After washing your Phil and Teds Stroller, hang the cover in front of an electric fan or leave it to air-dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources to avoid any shrinkage that may happen. Keep on reading for more tips!

Trying to remove stains can be hard if not impossible to get out completely so make sure you wipe off as much dirt as possible before taking the item into the laundry room (doing this will save you time).

Take care when handling dirty clothes by wearing gloves and making sure they’ve properly washed with detergent right  away before they have a chance to set in stains


What is the best detergent for my Phil and Teds Stroller?

Phil&Teds recommends using non-biological, biological or fragrance-free laundry powders. Avoid dyes that may leave marks on your stroller fabric if you are not careful.


How do I prevent dirt from building up in my Phil and Teds Stroller?

Strollers will naturally collect dust as well as other particles over time so it’s important to make sure you clean them regularly (especially with kids!).

Be extra vigilant about spills – wipe down any areas that get dirty promptly. You should also be mindful of what types of surfaces your stroller rubs against since they can transfer the dirt to your stroller.


How often should I clean my Phil and Teds Stroller?

We recommend that you wash the fabric with water or a diluted detergent after each use. The more frequently you do this, the easier it will be to remove any stains and keep your stroller looking fresh!


What if I have trouble getting my Phil&Teds Stroller back into its bag after washing it? 

It’s important not to over-stuff your backpack because doing so could cause the stitching on the seams of both sides (top and bottom) of your bag to come undone leading to damage in other areas. It may take some practice but we’ve found it helps when folding up our backpacks to have a few points of reference. 

The first point is the red line on the back panel that separates it into two sections, these are called “top” and “bottom”. 

Next, you’ll want to fold up your pack so there’s an opening at each end with about an inch (or more) of fabric sticking out from either side.  For this part to stay in place, you need to hold onto both sides while pinching or pulling them together until all loose ends are tucked away inside the backpack bag.

Then gently pull down on one side of the top section so it zips over itself before repeating with another side- do not zip closed! This will look like a large tube made entirely from fabric. 


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