How To Negotiate Wedding Venue Contract In 4 Steps

Those who want to know how to negotiate wedding venue contract can simplify negotiating with wedding venues into four steps. We’ll also share tips on how to negotiate with the class so the venue will budge. 

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how to negotiate wedding venue contract


How To Negotiate Wedding Venue Contract To Get The Best Wedding Venue Price 


Step 1. Manage your expectations with negotiating

Regarding negotiations and weddings, be realistic with what you’ll get. You might be requesting something unreasonable as the wedding venue is still a business. 

The trick with learning how to negotiate a wedding venue contract is to understand that you can’t get everything for anything or at a meager price. Negotiation can only be successful if the vendor and client agree with the contract. 

Otherwise, you’re unlikely to negotiate a contract successfully, and you might upset an influential wedding vendor. So before anything else, check what inclusions in the venue contract you can deal with rather than focusing on deducing the price. 


Step 2. Research wedding vendors

You’ll only be confident negotiating a wedding venue if you’ve researched beforehand. You want to enter with enough competition information and expectations with the wedding venue. 

To negotiate a venue reasonably, you should have multiple options. If the venue knows they’re your only option, they’ll gain leverage. 

Knowing what the other wedding venues offer, you can compare prices and negotiate without sounding demanding. And finally, do not get emotional when discussing the venue contract as you won’t be able to display rationale.


Step 3. Haggle with the wedding venue terms

When doing wedding venue contract negotiation, please start low. You want a price between your first offer and the venue’s standard price. 

Most couples make the mistake of haggling, and they start too high. It will seem insulting, and you’re unlikely to get the contact you want. 

Be prepared for the wedding venue to refuse, so it’s more realistic to get a decent counter-offer. You can also try a 20% discount if unsure how to haggle. 


Step 4. Be flexible when you negotiate 

The final step in negotiating wedding venues is to be flexible. The venue might refuse to budge, so you’re left with the same offers in the contract. 

However, do not lose hope if you can’t get a discount or price reduction. You can use your knowledge about other wedding venues and request free upgrades.

For example, you can ask for better decorations. Some venues might also reduce their contract price if you’re doing some of the services like catering yourself. 

Read how to cater your own wedding for example. 


Are Wedding Venue Contracts Negotiable?

Negotiations are possible with the wedding venue contract. However, remember that before you sign any contract, you can always discuss revisions and ensure that both the venue and client agree to its terms. 

However, you can’t assume any venue will reduce its pricing, especially when they’re following a standard package. So instead, you can learn how to negotiate a discount with your wedding venue or ask for free or low-cost add-ons. 


Tips to successfully negotiate wedding venue contracts

  • Choose a venue that is realistic with your budget, to begin with
  • Dress in simple clothes, but look presentable 
  • Book the wedding venue during the wedding off-season since they’ll usually need more bookings during these times 
  • Let the venue talk about their prices and present yourself as a client they’d want to have
  • Give the wedding venue your budget, so they can create or recommend a package for you
  • Present ideas for the contract rather than requesting massive discounts on the package price 


What Should Be Included In A Wedding Venue Contract?

  • You and the venue’s complete name and contact number
  • Day of the wedding venue coordinator 
  • Wedding date and time 
  • Description and expectations on the wedding venue package like the amenities, decors, colors, etc.
  • Time the venue should be set up and special requests
  • Guest number and chairs/tables needed; include the items the venue will provide like valet parking or if these inclusions and special services require extra fees 
  • Insurance and licenses for legalities
  • Cleanup
  • Overtime fees; include how long you’re renting the space
  • Venue total cost, balance, deposit amount, and due dates
  • Refund and cancellation policy 


Negotiating Food And Beverage Minimum Wedding

  • Determine if you have connections such as a relative or friend that the caterer or venue may know
  • Tell the person in charge initially of what you can spend for each guest and what they can provide with that cost
  • Ask for freebies and discounts but be reasonable; you might get free champagne or even cake 
  • Try if you can get the food and beverage minimum down, especially if it’s an off-season for the venue
  • You’ll have more leverage if you know how willing other vendors can lower their food and beverage minimum or what inclusions they will include 



And that’s it! You just learned how to negotiate wedding venue contract in four steps.

Start with managing expectations, research venues for comparison, haggling realistically, and being flexible. We hope our tips help; let us know below your ideal venue contract. 

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