How To Measure Blackout Curtains? 4 Easy Steps!

How to measure blackout curtains? It’s just like measuring regular curtains. There’s nothing special about it.

Let me guess; you’re having trouble with your curtains now, aren’t you?

how to measure blackout curtains

Have you been browsing the net to find the right article for your problem?

Is your problem with hanging blackout curtains?

Well lucky for you, we’ll give you a complete guide in blackout curtains in a short time.

I had the same problem with you once if your problem concerns measuring the right curtain for your room.

But with the help of the net, well, I have overcome that information struggle.

So I will be imparting to you my experience with black-out curtains.


Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are different than regular curtains. However, the hanging measures are the same.

Regular curtains usually are a layer or two when hanged. These curtains are thinner and let light pass through the fabric.

Regular curtains are often used in decorating the room while letting light slip into the room.

These may come in sheers, light fabrics, and linen. These fabrics offer less privacy than the other ones.

Blackout curtains, on the other hand, don’t let light slip through. This is best used in bedrooms, especially good for those who tend to sleep during the day.

Well, some of you might want this type of curtain because of the privacy it gives, so it is a given.

But how are we going to hang these blackout curtains? Are there any special methods involved?


Steps To Measure Blackout Curtains

Well, how to measure blackout curtains? As I’ve said earlier, blackout curtains don’t need any special methods when measuring.

But if you have a hard time measuring curtains, here are a few simple tips to help you.


#1. Mind the position

Of course, the position of the curtain is important. You don’t want to make the curtain look cramped or misplaced, don’t you?

One way to make sure of this one is to measure the distance between the top of the window frame and your ceiling.

After finding the distance, divide it into two. Then you will get the midpoint. Mark the area as this is where you will place your rod.


#2. Length of the curtain

The next factor is finding the length. Well, this depends on your preference. Whether you’re going to reach the curtain to the floor or not.

There are 3 recommendable lengths for a blackout curtain: the window sill length, mid-length, and floor-length.


  •  Window sill length

As the name suggests, the length of the curtain measures from the rod to the bottom frame of the window.


  • Mid-length

The mid-length is usually used in windows that have tables or furniture underneath.

This does not cover the furniture but reaches it.

This is best in windows that have couches, tables, or any ornaments under the window frame.

It measures up from the rod down to the top of the furniture, placed underneath the window.


  • Floor-length

This curtain length is just as its name says. The curtain brushes off the floor of the room or almost brushing the floor.

These are commonly used in wide windows, especially in bedrooms. I have this one in my bedroom even though my window isn’t too wide.


#3. Mounting curtains

It is also important to determine the mounting technique to be used. Each can make a difference when being aesthetically pleasing.

  • Outside mounting

This technique is the most common in hanging curtains. When curtains are mounted outside, the window will be completely covered.

Outside mounting can also give off an illusion of having a larger window. It could provide full coverage to the window and a luxurious look.


  • Inside mounting

Inside mounting, on the other hand, is not usually done.

This mounting technique could provide the window a more specific look.

As the name suggests, the rod is installed inside the frame.

A more streamlined appearance is expected.

They may give off a defined look; inside mounting doesn’t block the light off completely, thus giving less privacy.


#4. Sides

The rod that you will be using should extend outside the window frames to ensure that the window is completely covered.

The width of the curtain must exceed the width of the window by 3 to 4 inches on either side.

Some blackout curtains have a magnetic strip at the edge to hold them in place; you can add the same to your window to complete the seal.

Well, ideally, the magnetic strips should be invisible when the curtains are opened.


Blackout Curtain Types

There are many types of blackout curtains.

If you are having a hard time choosing which one to use, here are some suggestions.

Blackout curtains usually are in rod pocket types since they need to be in a tight fit to cover the light off.

So, consider pocket blackout curtains.

You could also use some curtain hooks and grommets to make your curtains last longer.



Now that you know how to measure blackout curtains get the tape measure and get on with it.

Make sure to follow the guidelines and tips in deciding how long or how wide your blackout curtains will go.

It did wonders in mine, and I hope it does to you also.