How To Hang Sheers Behind Curtains? 6 Best Techniques!

Do you know how to hang sheers behind curtains?

Have you looked at many interior design magazines or scanned through the internet to look for ideas to integrate into your space?

how to hang sheers behind curtains

I know a lot of features might have caught your eyes already but, you just don’t know how to achieve the look.

For instance, you might have realized how layering sheers and curtains can be a beautiful way of decorating your window.

It’s only that you do not know how exactly are you going to set it up.

What are you going to do?

How will you do it?

Probably, these questions have been circling in your mind.

But do not worry because we are here to help you with that.

We did our part in investigating and researching layering curtains, and now we are here – very ready to give you some help.


Different Ways In Layering Sheers And Solid Curtains

You may layer your curtains in several ways. Some of which are listed below:

  • Readymade overlay
  • Sheer over sheer
  • Window scarf drape
  • Alternating
  • Sheer over solid
  • Sheer over sheer

In hanging those layers to achieve the look that you are after, you may choose from the different options below:

  • Single rod
  • Using double curtain rods
  • Multiple curtain rods

These can be used for all the layering techniques above, and they can result in a lovely window treatment.

Read until the end of this post to know how to hang sheer behind curtains.

You will also find out about the other layering methods above.


Techniques To Hang Sheers Behind Curtains

In this section, we will discuss the different layering techniques, including sheers behind curtains.

So stay tuned!


#1. Sheer behind curtains

So, how to hang sheers behind curtains?

Layering sheer behind solid curtains is a very famous technique used in most homes.

You can apply this technique in various ways.

For instance, you may let the solid curtains remain closed to hide the sheers behind and block out the natural light.

But you may also draw them back to allow the sunlight to be filtered by the sheer panels while at the same time maintaining your privacy.

You may also pull both layers aside to enjoy the view.

In this technique, you may utilize two sheer panels or just one solid sheer. This will depend on whether you intend to pull them aside or not.


#2. Sheer over solid

An excellent way to soften a window is to put sheers over solid curtains.

You can leave the sheers to cover the whole curtain.

But you may also pull them back into a luxurious draping effect.


#3. Alternating

Another way to use both solid and sheer curtains is by alternating them.

Combining sheers and solid curtains can provide an attractive outcome.

You may also utilize different levels of transparency in delivering added texture onto your curtains.


#4. Window scarf drape

You may mix up your window treatments a little, get a panel, and drape it on top of your window.

You may hang a solid curtain in accomplishing this, then drape your sheer panels or vice versa.

Either way, you will achieve an amazing look.


#5. Sheer over another sheer

You might as well leave out those solid-colored curtains and use sheer curtains alone.

This technique can also provide a stunning look.

You may layer sheers of a different color to produce more style and depth.

Furthermore, you can also try to hang one sheer curtain underneath and cross two sheers at the front.

However, this technique brings along one disadvantage: it cannot block out the light.

So this may not be good for your bedroom, especially when you do not want to be awakened in your sleep early in the morning.


#6. Readymade overlay

Perhaps, you wouldn’t want the hassles of installing multiple layers as it might also require multiple rods.

Fortunately, there are ready-made layered curtains available. The sheers are sewn into the curtain to produce a layered look.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will answer some of the most asked questions related to layering sheer curtains.


Question #1. Should curtains and sheers be of the same length?

Generally, sheers curtains should be of the same length as curtain panels.

But if you are to layer them behind solid curtains, they should hang about an inch shorter than the solid curtains.


Question #2. Are sheers needed with curtains?

No, sheers are not necessarily required to be paired with curtains. Both of them can stand alone.

You may use solid curtains only in dressing your window or just sheers alone.


It’s A Wrap!

Sheer curtains are an extremely great window treatment.

They can offer several qualities that you can enjoy such as light filtering, billowy effect, and daytime privacy.

Sheers are also a good way to add a bit of romance and softness into the room.

You may get pattered or plain sheer curtains as well as multi-colored or single-colored.

Its transparency may also vary from organzas through and see-through voiles to batiste and semi-opaque linens.

Any of them can be layered to your solid curtains – behind or over it.

It’s all up to you!

Now you know the ways on how to hang sheers behind curtains!