How To Measure Fabric For Curtains? In 3 Easy Steps!

How to measure fabric for curtains? The steps are very easy; all you need to do is to follow three simple steps.

When you plan to make the interior of your house pretty, curtains can help you big time.

How to measure fabric for curtains

Curtains are usually used to make the exterior and interior look of a window commonly made of glass.

It is also to avoid the people going through to see what happens inside a room or the household.

They are accommodating, but each comes from a different design, color, or even the type of fabric used to it.

Curtain fabrics are sometimes made by a machine or hand-made. But then you can also make yours at home.

All you have to do is find a good design and color that matches the color of your interior decors and wall color.

But the most important thing is that you should know how you can measure fabric for curtains.


Steps To Measure Fabric For Curtains

When you are buying fabric for curtains, you should know how to measure it correctly.

Or else, your money will put it to waste, and your fabric will be useless for curtains, but you can make something out of it.

But then again, when you aim for curtain fabric, make sure that you know how to measure it rightly.

Don’t worry about it because I will help you determine how you should correctly measure your curtains’ fabric.

These steps are easy to do. All you have to do is take note of it and be sure that you’ll have a copy of them.

So, here are the steps on how to measure fabric for curtains:


Step #1. How you would want the width

The first thing you should do is think of how wide you want your curtain to be.

It can extend up to 3 inches wide from your window frame if you would want to.

You can always choose just to let it be equal to the frame, an inch wider than the frame, or 3 inches from the frame.

It is always up to you to choose depending on the style you prefer.

Start measuring from the end of the extension up to the other extension to get it right.

After that, you divide the total in half. You would want to consider it to separate in the middle like the usual curtain.

The treatments would often require a full one in it. That is why your fabric must be two and a half times the width of your measurement.


Step #2. Measure the length

Upon measuring the curtain fabric’s length, you should start up on the rod of your curtain.

And again, decide on how long you want it to be. It can be right at the end of the sill or up to the floor, depending on how long you would want your curtain to be.

The style and preference of curtains are always different; when you plan to add a hem for it on top and bottom, double the measurement.

For example, you would want to have a 1-inch hem. You should add 2 inches of fabric measurement.

And you can add it to the total measurement of the fabric, and you are all good.


Step #3. The heading

It is not a heading of a story but a curtain heading instead. This one is also important in which you should also consider.

The step is the decorative part that extends above the rod.

It is not necessary but looks pretty when considered.

When you are adding this, it is just like you are adding a hem on it.

It would help if you doubled the measurement.

For example, when you are adding about 2 inches high, you must add 4 inches for it because it goes both ways.

You also have to guarantee that you calculate any other hardware you are thinking of using in figuring the length.


How Important Is It To Have A Curtain?

Having a curtain is great, mainly that it serves many purposes, and it is also something that adds color.

When you sit in your living room or bedroom and don’t have any curtain, it would look dull.

Or it can be so bright too. Sometimes the sun shines so brightly, and without a curtain blocking it, the temperature can be high.

Curtains also serve the purpose of hiding things from inside the house to the outside world.

Whereas when you are changing or have private meetings or activities that are not allowed to be shared, the curtain hides it.

Indeed it is also a décor that makes everything synchronized. You will be able to put up designs all over matching it.

It is not like curtains are just made to cover a window, but it also has many functions to play.

Measuring a fabric well for a curtain is also necessary since it should fit nicely on the frame and into the interior décor.



It is essential to learn new things, especially when it concerns your personal life and preferences.

Good thing we have answered, “How to measure fabric for curtains?” at least you know have ideas.

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