What Color Curtains For Dark Blue Walls? 10 Best Options!

Are you wondering what color curtains for dark blue walls? There are actually a few color options, which you will learn as you read along.

I know- it’s not always easy to find the best curtain for your home.

what color curtains for dark blue walls

Given the many choices in the market, it can be challenging to choose the perfect one.

It’s definitely crucial to have the right color of curtains that go with your walls.

Your curtains may either make or break your interiors, so you should make it a big deal.

So, if you’re confused about what color curtains for your dark blue walls, you’re in the right place.

Without further ado, let’s start!


What Color Curtains Go With Dark Blue Walls?

The question is, what color curtains for dark blue walls?

Here are the following, my friends:


#1. White curtains

True to other wall colors, white is an excellent choice.

For sure, white curtains can set off the dark blue walls, giving your place a modern feel.

Much more, it gives sophistication, thanks to its natural look!


#2. Dark blue curtains

Of course, you can make the colors of your walls and curtains the same.

There’s no need for you to think deeply.

For sure, you can effortlessly give your room a stylish look.

Dark blue curtains go with dark blue walls.

But if you want to make a striking design, then try to use another shade of blue.

Make sure that the shade complements your dark blue walls.


#3. Striped curtains

In order to give your curtains more emphasis, try to choose striped curtains.

But, make sure the colors are lighter.

The gradient creating the stripes can set off the color beautifully.

With this, you can have a place where it gives more interest and depth, but not too busy or loud.

Here’s what you should know:

The easiest means of having a cohesive look in your room is to pair blue with blue.

If you think that using blue is too much, try to place some art on the walls.


#4. Taupe and navy

Match your dark blue walls with taupe curtains.

This color provides a neutral shade, so it’s perfect for deep blue colors.

Just a tip:

Try to have thermal and heavy curtains for your room.

Also, choose one that gives a silk-like appearance.

This curtain will surely give your bedroom a relaxing and luxurious feel.

Not only that, but I’m sure it will look more gorgeous.

It helps keep the heat in your room, making it the best option for the winter.


#5. Blush pink curtains

Do you want something different?

Then, try putting on blush pink curtains; these curtains will surely make you feel playful, and young too!

Well, pink contrasts ideally with deep blue walls, making it stand out.

Also, it brings a lighter edge to a somewhat masculine place.

This accent is also good for a girl’s bedroom.

I tell you- it can give off more light; at the same time, it provides a feminine feel, even if it comes with a dark blue shade.


#6. Dusty pink curtains

Yes, this color may look like the one above, but it’s another shade, so you can give it a try!

It looks paler compared to the typical pink that you have.

That means that we can consider dusty pink as a neutral color.

No wonder why this shade works best for your dark blue wall.

Try this one and you will be amazed how both colors look sophisticated with each other.

It’s like putting a touch of femininity while maintaining that stylish and smart look.


#7. Natural linen curtains

As always, neutral colors complement dark colors; and dark blue walls are no exception.

It only means that whatever you choose for as long as you have neutral colors, it can always go with your wall.

I guess there’s no need to explain further.

You get what I mean, right?

If that’s the case, let’s move on to the next color.


#8. Grey curtains

Well, you can never go wrong with grey curtains.

It’s a color that will certainly be ideal for your dark blue walls.

Oh, wait!

Aside from the color choices, you should also consider the way on how you hang the curtains.

With these considerations in mind, you can add an excellent touch to your room.


#9. Cream checkered curtains

Are you living in a farmhouse or maybe you have this kind of style?

This color is the perfect option for you.

You can certainly give your place a modern feel with cream checkered curtains.

I tell you- it can look excellent against your dark blue walls.

Furthermore, it can give a little different from the usual patterned or classic curtains that you usually use.


#10. Rusty red curtains

If you want a bolder option, choose rusty-red curtains.

Or maybe, you can be more creative such as using a patterned curtain.

This color is excellent; it contrasts well with blue walls, thereby providing you a wonderful scheme.


Final Words!

With so many options out there, you’ve already come to know what color curtains for dark blue walls.

Go for any shades of blue, pink, or other neutral colors.

I’m sure, your place will look amazing with beautiful and perfect curtains.