How To Make Wood Stove Look New? 3 Easy Steps To Follow!

Do you want to know how to make wood stove look new? Unfortunately, many wood-burning stove owners will cut back on their usage now that spring has arrived, as the sun is shining more.

There are traces of smoke visible on the surface of the glass. Using wet fuel, lighting the fire poorly, or having a weak draft in the chimney can result in dirty windows. For a long time, people have used stove ashes to clean their windows.

how to make wood stove look new

To remove soot from the glass, use a damp cloth soaked in cool ashes. Today, a large number of wood-burning stove manufacturers provide cleaning solutions designed specifically for their models. One alternative is Aduro Easy Clean; this is a powerful sponge designed specifically for cleaning glass. There’s no need for water or cleaning when using a sponge.


Steps To Make Your Wood Stove Look New

Maintaining the wood stove when it’s chilly outside will ensure it’s ready to use when the weather warms up again. So make your wood-burning stove sparkle this summer with these five tips. To learn more, know how to make wood stove look new.


Step #1. Clean the exterior

The simplest way to clean the wood stove’s exterior is to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a mouthpiece and soft brushes. You can also use a soft, dry towel if you like. However, rust can form if you use a wet cloth. Here’s how to clean rusty wood stove.


Step #2. Paint scratches and dings

If the paint has a few dings, these may be readily repaired. They used heat-resistant spray paint to paint most wood-burning stoves, and you can generally find it at the store where you bought your stove. Before painting your stove, make sure it is scorched, clean, and grease-free. Next, softly sand the surface if it is still covered with rust and faded paint. Then, you can proceed. It’s best to understand how to paint a stove.


Step #3. Fix faulty or corroded seals

Check the condition of the gaskets and replace them if required. In case the stove won’t stay in place, replace them. Finally, remove all of the ash from the ashtray. You should empty the ash pan and firebox during the summer. When using a wood stove, remember that an ash layer helps insulate the fire, making it simpler to start.


Maintaining The New Look Of The Wood Stove

Steel wool and ten minutes of your time are all you need. First, use a napkin or paper plate with about 1/4 cup of shortening on it to keep your hands off of your cooking supplies. Afterward, use a teaspoon and some steel wool to clean the stove’s outside. You may use steel wool to eliminate any rust stains.

As the old wool fades away, start over with a new area of the surface. Use paper towels or rags to remove any remaining residue. If you look at it from inside the house, the stove appears brand new and is sparkling brightly.

Please make a point of cleaning up any splatters immediately after using oil since they can easily catch fire. Also, there may be a slight cooking odor on the first fire after conditioning your stove, but this will quickly vanish if you massage your stove correctly after using the oil.

Models made of black cast-iron work well with this technique, while enamel ones do not. To keep the stove looking its best when I have guests, I do this at least once a year, and sometimes more.


How Often Must You Clean Your Burners?

It depends a lot on the amount of fuel you use. As a result, because they burn “cleaner,” some powers require less regular stove cleaning. On the other hand, alternative fuels like peat produce more ashes than wood, thus cleaning the peat burner more often is necessary. Every time you use the burner, be sure to check the ash pan and empty it if required. It’s recommended that you clean the burner at least once every 4-6 weeks if used a lot.


How To Clean A Glass Wood Stove?

Cleaning the glass is as simple as rinsing the stove and wiping it down with a damp cloth. So what’s the best way to keep a wood stove’s glass clean? It’s possible to keep the glass of a wood-burning stove cleaner with an air wash system, but this is a temporary fix. Maintain a clear view of the wood burner’s flames by wiping the glass often. Before washing the glass, wait until it has thoroughly cooled. The glass in a wood stove may become brittle and break if you clean it with cold solutions or cleaning agents. Know how to prevent soot on wood stove glass.


It’s A Wrap!

Again, to answer the question: how to make wood stove look new, you should clean your wood or multi-fuel stove regularly if you want to keep it in good working order and looking great. Of course, it’s not necessary to clean your wood stove regularly, but it’s an excellent idea.

The look of the stove is heavily influenced by how much time you spend using it. If you leave it on all day, every day, you’ll have to clean it at least once every two days. You won’t have to clean it as much if it’s just used sometimes. My friends, you can read how to get the most heat from a wood stove.

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