How To Use A Griddle On A Gas Stove? 5 Easy Steps!

Griddles’ popularity is understandable, so it is good that you know how to use a griddle on a gas stove? When it comes to using a griddle, it’s a good idea to open up your skills, and uncover more, especially if you haven’t been doing something in a while.

To your benefit, we made sure that this article contains all of the pertinent information so you will understand how to use it on your stove.

how to use a griddle on a gas stove

In addition, these flat-sided pans come in helpful in charring vegetables and browning meats. So even if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea to prepare your meals. If you continue until the end, there’s should be no room for misunderstandings. We’ll discuss topics regarding griddle cooking, so don’t skip out on anything.


Steps To Use A Griddle On A Gas Stove

I guess the first thing that you should know is how to use a gas stove. It’s simple to use a griddle on a gas burner. But, contrary to popular belief, griddles work just as well on either an electric or gas stove. To make the most of your gas stove’s built-in griddle, follow these guidelines on how to use a griddle on a gas stove:


Step #1. Heat the griddle

To get started, heat a large griddle over high heat. It would help if you heated the griddle to a medium-high temperature but not to a smoking point. Before you start cooking, make sure everything is in order. Set your griddle lightly on the stove, and avoid moving it about for any adjustments to prevent damage to the bottom.

If it is not where you want it, you can permanently relocate it. Cooking griddles need the use of burners due to their size. It may take a few tries to acquire the ideal placement, but you will master it with practice. By not having to adjust the griddle, you’ll save time as well.


Step #2. Ignite the flame

Bring the water to a rolling boil in a large saucepan. To get a gas stove going, you will need to ignite the flame. The heat level you use on your griddle will be determined by the kind you have. You will need to use medium heat while using a steel griddle, for example, because steel heats up rapidly. When cooking on a cast iron griddle, be careful not to overheat it. Without a doubt, it will make the heating more uniform. It may be helpful to read how to adjust the flame on a gas stove and how to fix orange flame on gas stove


Step #3. Water test

Do a water test on your griddle before you start frying anything. Spray the griddle’s surface with water after a few minutes of heating. Ideally, for water to evaporate fast, sizzle vigorously, and dance in a hot griddle, you should set the temperature at a higher level. Try this method instead of wasting a few more seconds. If the water is sitting there, it will still need to be heated up to an extremely high temperature. Use the water test on your stainless steel pan.


Step #4. Get the griddle ready

Contrary to popular belief, this phrase has no place in the process. Nonstick and conventional griddle options are available on the market. There is no need to oil those nonstick pans.

For the simple reason that you’ll want the oil to keep your food from sticking to the pan as you cook it. Nonstick griddles also prevent food from adhering to the surface of the pan they are cooked on. In contrast, with cast-iron griddle, any grease will be enough to keep the pan well-coated. You can use any sort of fat in this recipe. However, to keep your meal from sticking together, you want a layer of fat on top. For you to get the job done, most griddles need a thin coating of oil on the bottom. Then it’s time to get the kitchen going.


Step #5. Cooking in your griddle

Almost there! It’s time to start cooking now that the prep work is done. You can cook various meals on a griddle, but we’ll get to that in a minute. There are restrictions on the sorts of bottoms that you can use on griddle pans.

You’ll never get picture-perfect pancakes if your griddle has edges; on the other hand, some griddle kinds will deliver perfect pancakes. Cooking on a griddle isn’t difficult if you know how to do it properly. Here’s what to do whether your meal is sticking to the bottom of the griddle: keep an eye on the flame to see if it is going brown.

Make careful to set a timer and leave the heat on while following a recipe. Cooking on a griddle is as simple as putting food on it and flipping it. For the rest of your life, you’ll never want to use anything else except a cast-iron griddle; cast iron griddles regularly produce superb steaks. Know the best cast iron griddles out there.


It’s A Wrap!

That’s all there is to it! With the information you’ve just gained, you’re prepared to use a griddle over a gas stove and cook various foods. Furthermore, we’ve done everything we can to provide you with all the details you could need.

It’s essential to know how to use a griddle on a gas stove properly before moving forward. You should likewise know how to clean and maintain it. It will extend the life of your griddle substantially, and you may put it to good use.

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