How To Clean Rusty Wood Stove? 3 Easy Steps To Deep Clean A Wood Stove!

How to clean rusty wood stove? Wood stoves have been providing warmth to people for ages up until now. People still use them. Not only because it looks pleasing and suits the winter weather because it can warm up the entire household, making lots of people comfortable.

Wood stoves have a life span of 1o-20 years.

how to clean rusty wood stove

However, rust could form on the stove, which could degrade its quality and us. That is why you must maintain it by cleaning it regularly. As we all know, rust forms over time because of an oxidation reaction which happens when iron directly comes in contact with water or oxygen, which then turns to what we call is the rust. There are many solutions to eliminate rust from forming into your appliances, especially if it is steel.

So, without further ado, let us continue explaining how or what we can do to prevent these from spreading and causing more rust. Read this article until the very end, and you may get some essential tips and steps that can apply to your problem. You may also get to know important terms for this.


How To Clean Rusty Wood Stove; 3 Easy Steps To Deep Clean A Wood Stove

Before cleaning, you should be wary of what you are doing or else, the solutions will be useless if you do not have a solid guide on how to do it. With these, we hope that we may be able to help you accomplish cleaning your stove:


Step #1. Cleaning the interior of the woodstove

It may get a little messy when cleaning the interiors since excess ashes from your last usage may have been left inside the device. So for us to avoid that and also be used as a protective measure, put a newspaper near the stove to make the cleanup much easier when the ashes fall to the floor. Now what you’ll want to do is scoop out all of the ashes from the insides and slowly put them in a trash bin. Do not be afraid of spillage since the newspaper is placed underneath to rescue falling ashes.

Also, do not forget to open the air dampener so that any ash that you might have stuck will fall into the firebox.

As you’re doing this, remember to keep caution and ensure that all the fire is out before scooping the ashes out. If there are still any left, wait for it to cool down before deciding to go through the insides of the woodstove. In that way, we can prevent any accidents from happening.

You’ll also want to dispose of the ashes once you’ve put them inside a trash bin. Again, though, there is no need to rush when throwing them. For the record, they should at least be kept 48 hours inside of the container to avoid any fire from happening since live coals may have been sitting or mixed in there still.


Step #2. Cleaning the outside of the woodstove

Now that the insides of the stove have been all cleared up, we’ll have to move on to its exterior. This part needs the most cleaning since rust is formed through what the environment is like outside. To start it all off, bring steel wool or wire brush with you. In this way, you can eliminate some of the dirt.

Depending on how old the stove and grime have built into the surface, it may take some of your time scrubbing since it might be heavily dirtied and rusted. Focus on the top and mainly on the surface areas wherein rust is visible to the eyes.

After all the cleaning, you’ll want to wipe off the exterior since it might affect your wood stove’s looks and quality. We know that you don’t want that to happen. With that, applying sandpaper should be the next thing that you’ll have to do. Smoothen all the areas by getting rid of the remaining rust and also the outside.

Lastly, wipe down the stove using a vinegar cleaning mixture where vinegar and water are mixed to form a solution to get rid of rust. Spray the solution all over the stove with the mixture and wipe it down with some cloth. Let it dry for subsequent usage.


Step #3. Cleaning the glass door and chimney of the stove

For this, a glass cleaning solution would do. You can either purchase them at your local stores or make one yourself. Either way, both will still work as long as it does its job. Now to do this, spray the solution on a clean rag and start wiping the cloth in one direction to avoid streaks or any repetitions from happening.

Lastly, clean the chimney cap with a brush specially made for it. You can purchase it at any hardware store near you. After that, spray it with the solution and try cleaning the insides with a clean cloth once again.

As mentioned above, the life expectancy of wood stoves is 10-20 years, but if you take care of it, we are certain that it would still provide you warmth 20 years more! Keep in mind that rust and dirt could deteriorate a product if it’s not taken care of. So, make sure to follow our steps! On the other hand, you’d want to read the reasons why the fridge freezes food. There are more interesting facts you never knew about!


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you have an idea of how to clean rusty wood stove. It is essential to keep these in mind, but at the same time, you can always go back to this article and check these and use it as a guide. Rust may be tough to get rid of, but with these steps, it’ll be no worries for you afterward.

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