How To Make Fake Bed For Staging? 4 Best Ways!

How to make fake bed for staging? It’s easy as 1-2-3! Just read on, so you will know-how.

Have you ever wondered how people make a fake bed for staging look real without adding anything special?

how to make fake bed for staging

If that is the case, then worry not because we got the perfect solutions to do that in no time.

Fake beds used for staging can usually be seen when doing house tours for real estate companies.

Selling a house and advertising them through television.

They use these to make the furniture more cleanly looking when being shown to people.

This is to convince them to buy the house, including its things.

Fake beds also consist of basic elements to be done, so it is easy to make one right away and ready to be on use.

When it comes to making fake beds, they are convenient enough.

Since, you can use any elevation for the bottom part to let it stand on its own.

They are also convenient to be carried around and placed in a particular area if you want to.


Effective Ways To Make Fake Bed For Staging

So when making a fake bed for staging, some boxes, sheets, and pillows will do the trick for this to be done.

It isn’t that hard, and at the same time, if you are missing furniture for the advertisement.

They can be a good alternative for a bed.

You can also set them up with headboards if you want to.

Also, don’t worry because they will look as close to a legitimate bed from afar.

Real estate companies sometimes use this method because the house they are going to advertise does not have any furniture in stock.

For it to be done, they find some boxes and set it up with foam.

Or an inflatable bed above and cover it with a sheet to make it look like it is a real bed.

Fake beds are also a fantastic option because they may drastically minimize the amount of staging required for a house sale.

You may utilize them in certain rooms at any property that requires staging, and they are light and easy to use.

They also cost half as much as staging with a bed.

To do this, grab all of the important materials, and you are now ready to start.

We have the directions to assist you, so you do not need to be concerned.

And this is how to make fake bed for staging:


Step #1. Gathering all the needed materials

To start making your fake bed, you first have to gather all of the needed items for it to be done right away.

Listed below are the things that you will need for this to be done:

  • Six file size office boxes
  • Two inflatable air mattresses
  • Bed skirts
  • Comforter
  • Pillows

Once you have gathered them all up, it is now time that we move on to the next step of this process.


Step #2. Placing the boxes underneath

Now that you have all of the needed items for the fake bed.

First, get your six pieces of file size office boxes and align three of each on both sides to make it look clean.

They will play an essential role in making your fake bed.

They will serve as the foundation for holding the other items you will put on top later on.

If you do not have one to purchase at, we recommend that you go here.

Check out their boxes that will cost you a low price to accomplish this task.

Also, remember that when putting them into place, they should be near a wall.

So that later on, the things on top would not fall and will look more like a real natural bed.


Step #3. Placing the inflatable air mattresses and bed skirt

Now that you have placed all of the foundations below.

It is now time that you put your inflatable air mattresses above them.

It would help if you blew them all the way to establish a solid foundation for the other items to be placed later on.

First, place the first air mattress on top of the six boxes making sure that it will hit against the wall to look clean.

Then you’ll have to take out your bed skirt and place it above the air mattress.

Make sure to flatten it as much as possible to have no problems furthermore.

Once you are done with the first mattress, place another mattress above it.

Ensuring that it is thoroughly blown throughout to form another foundation.

Place the comforter on top to finish it off.

Also, make sure to flatten it so that it will look more natural when on camera.


Step #4. Decorate the fake bed

Now that you are done making the fake bed for staging.

It is now time to decorate the faux bed with pillows to make it look like a legitimate bed.

You can also add on some blankets if you want to decorate the fake bed heavily.

The foundation can carry it, so there is no need to worry about that.



Now that you know how to make fake bed for staging.

I hope you can put these steps to use.

Remember them for future usage, marketing and costing if necessary.

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