How To Make Toddler Bed Sheets? 8 Easy Steps!

By any chance, are you looking for a guide on how to make toddler bed sheets? It’s easy; these things you will know as you read further!

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how to make toddler bed sheets

Sewing fitted bed sheets are very easy if you are familiar with the steps and materials you need.

And, you can get creative as you like by customizing the designs depending on the likes of your toddler.

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Steps To Make Toddler Bed Sheets

Fitted bed sheets are also known as bottom sheets since its snuck onto the bottom of the mattress for a perfect fit.

It makes the sheet lay flat on the bed, which looks neat and comfortable.

They are hard to fold but easy to sew!

Making a toddler bed sheet is just the same as making a regular one.

The only difference is their dimensions.

There are plenty of steps that you should follow and things to consider to determine the correct dimensions for your bed sheet.

We have gathered some of the most detailed steps on how to make toddler bed sheets.


Step #1. Gather your materials and equipment

Now, it’s time for you to gather the things you will need.

You may prepare the following:


Material #1. Sewing machine

If you want to make more bed sheets and other sewing projects, you might want to invest in a mini sewing machine.

They are very convenient and easy to use!

And they could give you more time than sewing by hand.


Material #2. Fabric

Don’t forget to buy a fabric that suits the personality and interests of your child.

If she likes princesses and unicorns, buy a fabric that is dreamy and is full of fantasy.


Material #3. Other materials should include

  • Elastic/garter
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Fabric scissors/rotary cutter
  • Pins
  • Thread


Step #2. Measure the dimensions of your toddler bed

There are various dimensions of a toddler bed.

So, it’s best if you measure the bed of your child as a guide.

But most beds are about 27 inches in width and 52 inches in length.

For better results, measure the mattress of the bed.

Also, include measuring the depth of the mattress.

Multiply the depth by two to include the part of the sheet tucked on the side of the mattress.

Then, add the width and 6 inches.

This computation will result in an additional 3 inches to be tucked under the sides of the mattress.

Repeat this process for the head and foot of the mattress, but change the width into length.


Step #3. Cut the fabric

For accurate results, use a rotary cutter and ruler in cutting the fabric.

Follow the dimensions you measured earlier.

If your fabric has loose threads, you can melt it by passing it through candle heat.

Don’t let it stay there for too long.


Step #4. Cut out square corners

Add 3 inches to the measured depth of the mattress.

So, if you have 5 inches as the depth of your mattress, cut out 8×8 squares on each corner of your fabric.

There should be four corners with cut-out squares.


Step #5. Sew

Fold and connect the edges of the fabric where you cut out the squares.

It will make your bed fit perfectly on the corners of the mattress, while the fold will be used for the seam and prevent the fabric from fraying.

And to achieve a clean sew.

Use pins to hold them together while sewing, and it will also serve as your guide.


Step #6. Press the folds

You remembered earlier that we folded the sides of the cut edges.

Using a flat iron, press the folds flat towards the bedsheet for a neat result.

This step will also prevent the folds from getting in your way once you hem the corners.


Step #7. Hem the bottom corners

Most bed sheets have an elastic band responsible for holding the bed sheet onto the mattress.

Fold about half an inch in the bottom corners of the bedsheet.

This fold is where we will insert the garter that will tuck the sheet under the mattress.

Use your pins again to hold them together.

Then, bring your fabric to your sewing machine and start hemming.


Step #8. Hem the sides of the fabric

This step would achieve a tidier look on the sides and also prevent the fabric from fraying.

Again, fold about half an inch along the sides of the bedsheet.

Use a pin to hold them together as you try to fold the sides equally.

Then, sew all over the sides, and your sewing machine should have a guide to keep your stitches straight.


Step #9. Insert the garter

In your corner hems, use a small and sharp cutter to leave an opening for the garter.

The garter should be about 16 inches long, and there should be four pieces for each corner.

Include an entrance and exit for the garter.

Use a safety pin to insert the garter towards the end opening.

Don’t forget to sew both ends of the garter to the bed sheet and prevent it from getting loose.

Do this process to the other three corners.

You may also wish to use an elastic thread to have that stretch on all sides of your bed sheet.



And there you have it!

You just learned how to make toddler bed sheets.

This project is perfect if you have a hard time looking for gifts for a baby shower or maybe a toddler’s birthday.

We hope that the article helped.

Sew safely!

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