Who Makes Lineal Adjustable Bed? 5 Best Features!

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who makes lineal adjustable bed

The lineal adjustable bed is under the company of Saatva.

The company is under the leadership of Ron Rudzin as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO.

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The Amazing Founder Of Lineal Adjustable Bed

Who makes lineal adjustable bed?

The lineal adjustable bed is a breakthrough product under Saatva.

The company is fulfilling the mission of providing quality mattresses since 2010.

The CEO, Rod Rudzin, envisioned the business as a modern and accessible venture.

They have online stores that deliver the great experience of bed shopping.

As a result, Saatva is now the top seller of quality mattresses online.

Also, there are other people like Rod that lead the company.

Ricky Joshi as the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

Next, Mr. Kris Brower is another Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Lastly, Harley Greenfield is also a Co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

Under their expertise, the production of the Lineal adjustable bed under Saatva is made possible.

The Lineal Adjustable bed comes with free delivery and assemble within the United States.

Surprisingly, the mattress has a good offer of having a 25-year warranty.

This warranty is proof that Saatva is confident with its adjustable bed.

Their adjustable bed makes your sleeping smooth and comfortable.

It generates the feeling of sleeping in the air with its adjustable function.

Also, the bed comes with remote control.

This accessory allows you to modify the adjustable bed according to your preference.

Lineal adjustable beds also have the option to offer you lighting under the bed.

This great feature illuminates your pathway during the night to avoid any injury.

They also offer adjustable beds that have a massage function.

So imagine, my friend, you have a spa inside your bedroom.

The adjustable bed also has a wall-clinging design.

This feature is advantageous as the bed can move away from your bedroom wall.

Most importantly, the Lineal Adjustable Bed has the feature of having noise reduction in the adjustable feature.

When remotely adjusting the bed, it makes less noise.

This function is best for sleepers that do not want to disturb their loved ones during sleep.


What Is Inside The Lineal Adjustable Bed?

Now, you already know who made the Lineal adjustable bed.

This section will be telling you what is inside.

The bed has hardware that consists of moving parts.

In addition, it has a mechanical section in the base.

This section acts as the skeleton of the bed.

They are made from metal and surrounded by a piece of fabric made of polyester.

The adjustable bed also has a small layer of foam that wraps the edges of its base.

This part absorbs any shock and gives the sleeper a comfortable sleep.

Also, the bed has four legs.

Luckily, these legs are made of metal and can be adjusted.

Imagine, Saatva never disappoints its customers.

These strong legs of the bed can increase the height of the bed up to 4 inches.

So, you will never worry about how low your bed will be in the future.

The bed also has retainers.

These retainers keep your foam mattress in its position.

This feature is best as the bed can move around while adjusting.

If you adjustable beds from Saatva, especially their Lineal brand base.

You will never worry about installing it yourself as they are the ones responsible for it.

Also, you are privileged to have a remote control for your bed.

This control allows you to adjust the bed with just the press of the button.

You do not need to stand up and crank the parts to adjust according to your preference.

Lineal adjustable bed does it for you.

Thanks to its founder, Rod, the Lineal adjustable beds are the best ones in the market today.


What Does The Lineal Adjustable Bed Do?

I know you want to be enlightened about the things that the adjustable bed can offer.

Here are the following:


Feature #1. Standard-setting

This setting is the default condition of the Lineal adjustable bed. in addition, you can adjust the head of the bed.

Also, you can lower any parts of it together with the foot.


Feature #2. Weightlessness

This feature relieved your spine, adding additional levitating comfort.


Feature #3. Snore fighter

This feature brings up the upper parts of the bed to make you snore lesser. Great, right?


Feature #4. Memory

This setting remembers your custom adjustments to the bed.


Feature #5. Masseur

The adjustable bed offers a massage function.

So, do not worry as the bed will relieve your whole body.



Great! Saatva and its CEO, Rod Rudzin, is the answer to, “who makes lineal adjustable bed?”

Together with the company, the vision of delivering quality beds is made possible.

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