How To Use Bed Risers? In 4 Easy Steps!

Do you ever want to increase your bed’s height for a particular reason and consider how to use bed risers?

Bed risers are usually placed under the bed’s legs to elevate it several inches from the floor.

how to use bed risers

These risers allow you to have an additional space under your bed to store stuff, such as storage boxes.

It also allows you to increase the height of your bed depending on particular factors such as your age, size, and medical condition.

You may also use bed risers if you want to climb in and out of your bed easily.

Bed risers are usually 1-12 inches tall and come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

The bed riser you’d want also differs in durability and its capacity to hold the bed, mattress, box spring, and the people’s weight.


Steps To Use Bed Risers

Bed risers are installed under the legs of the bed to lift it.

Everyone’s reasons for using bed risers may differ–may it be for additional storage space, aesthetic purposes, or health status.

The idea of using bed risers already brings in many benefits, but of course, we have to know how to use bed risers first.

So, here are four easy steps on how to install it to raise your bed.


Step #1. Determining the height

Before choosing any bed riser, you should determine how tall you want to add to your bed first.

You may measure the height of the space under your bed then estimate how much size you want to add.

You may also measure how tall your bed should be and calculate the height needed for the bed riser.

Specifying your bed’s height is influenced by your comfort level, your manner of getting in and out of bed, the style of your bed, or how much extra area you need.

So set precise dimensions that will make you feel comfortable and may give you more benefits.


Step #2. Choosing your bed riser

There are three types of bed risers that you can use to raise your bed, which may be screw-in, stackable, or adjustable.

Consider the construction or type of the material, whether plastic, rubber, wood, or metal.

The most common and easiest to insert is the plastic bed riser that comes in different color options.

However, it has the least durability out of all types.

On the other hand, metal bed risers have higher durability and stability than plastic ones.

In addition, their height can be adjustable that allows you to increase or decrease your bed’s height.

However, most of them are not compatible with other types of bedposts.

The best option among all bed risers is the wooden bed risers since they provide a stable base and won’t collapse.

Also, measure the bedposts’ dimensions to ensure that your chosen bed riser fits perfectly.

Finally, don’t forget to select the appropriate height of your bed riser so that the bed would be efficient for you to use.

Nevertheless, please choose the best type for your bed to ensure that it has enough weight to handle everything on top and support it stably.

Each type differs in weight capacity so take your time in choosing one.


Step #3. Setting the bed risers

Lift one of the bed’s corners so that you would be able to position the bed riser by setting it on the floor right under the bed’s leg.

You may need someone to help you with this so that it won’t be difficult for you to set your bed risers.

Ensure that the bed riser is set accurately under the bedpost so that it would be able to hold the bed stable and steady.

After setting the bed riser under the bed’s leg, lower the bed’s corner until it rests equally on the bed riser.

Repeat the same process of setting the bed risers with the three remaining legs of the bed, too, and you’re all set!


Step #4. Securing everything

You don’t have to worry about the safety of bed risers because they have a broad and stable base that is better than the actual bedposts.

Still, your safety is of utmost importance.

Even if bed risers are generally safe, you have to double-check the installment of bed risers.

It’s true especially if they’re appropriate because incorrect dispositions may lead to accidents.

It wouldn’t be a nice trip to your dreamland if your bed suddenly fall.

So make sure that everything’s secured in place.

Ensure that the bed’s legs are fit perfectly into the bed risers, the surface wherein the bed risers are balanced and can support heavyweights.



Bed risers are the best options to elevate your bed’s height and keep it safe and sturdy.

In addition, they provide a practical solution to several problems such as people having a tall size, people having restricted movements, and rooms with limited storage spaces.

Bed risers perfectly fit onto the legs of your bed and lift them a couple of inches from the floor.

Knowing how to you can use bed risers correctly could help people in many ways.

That is how to use bed risers.

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